Monday, March 16, 2009

Great to see Reggie Smith, batting coach Team USA

I finally got a chance to see Team USA and the WBC.

It was a fairly easy game against The Netherlands.

Gotta love that guy Randall Simon. He is the guy in the Pirates' bench who tapped one of those running sausages in Milwaukee.

What about Bert Blyleven as manager of The Netherlands? This guy should be in The Hall of Fame. (287 wins and #5 in career K's)

Gotta love Team USA's coaches! Davey Johnson and Mike Schmidt take me back to 1970s baseball.

How about Reggie Smith?

Where has this guy been for the last 25 years?

Reggie Smith was one of my favorite hitters:

"During a major-league career that spanned 17 seasons, the seven-time All-Star had a .287 average and topped 2000 hits, 1,000 runs and RBIs, and 300 home runs.

He batted .300 seven times, slugged .500 six times and finished fourth in the MVP voting in 1977 and ’78."

It was a real treat to see him after all of these years!


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