Monday, March 23, 2009

Gov Perry wants troops on the border and he is right!

Gov Perry of Texas is exactly right: We need troops on the US-Mexico border!

"Perry, appearing on Fox News, said the president "made a mistake" when he told The Dallas Morning News that more forces are not necessary on the Mexican border right now.

"Washington has been an abject failure at defending our border," Perry said.

"We're spending our taxpayer dollars in Texas to defend the border.

That is not our role. That's the federal government's role."

In 2006, Pres Bush deployed National Guard units on the border. However, it was a passive presence to support border agents stopping people flows.

Today, we need troops to protect us from cartel violence.

Why troops rather than border agents?

Because this is a war not an immigration problem.

We need about 30,000 troops with orders to engage, and kill if necessary, drug cartel members trying to bring drugs north and weapons south.

Furthermore, it would be nice to see US and Mexican troops coordinating their efforts to stop drugs going north and guns going south. We need to squeeze the cartels from both sides!

This is not a minor irritant. The border major is now a major threat to both sides!

P.S. We like Ruben Navarrette a lot. Today, he posted Call It NAFTA for Narcos:

"The drug traffickers aren't playing games, and so neither should Americans.

They're destroying; we're debating.

They take lives; we refuse to take responsibility.

They're trying to control Mexico and the drug business; we think this is about gun control."



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