Sunday, March 08, 2009

Gingrich has the right idea

Newt Gringrich may or may not run for president in 2012. However, he is out with one of the best anti-Obama plans out there.

Let's look at the details:

"Washington solutions of more money for more government, more power for politicians, more debt, and more bureaucrats will not lead to real growth in jobs and prosperity.

We need a clear and decisive alternative that creates jobs and rewards work, saving, and investment.

Payroll Tax Stimulus. With a temporary new tax credit to offset 50% of the payroll tax, every small business would have more money, and all Americans would take home more of what they earn.

Real Middle-Income Tax Relief. Reduce the marginal tax rate of 25% down to 15%, in effect establishing a flat-rate tax of 15% for close to 9 out of 10 American workers.

Reduce the Business Tax Rate. Match Ireland’s rate of 12.5% to keep more jobs in America.

Homeowner’s Assistance. Provide tax credit incentives to responsible home buyers so they can keep their homes.

Control Spending So We Can Move to a Balanced Budget. This begins with eliminating Congressional earmarks and wasteful pork-barrel spending.

No State Aid Without Protection From Fraud. Require state governments to adopt anti-fraud and anti-theft policies before giving them more money.

More American Energy Now. Explore for more American oil and gas and invest in affordable energy for the future, including clean coal, ethanol, nuclear power and renewable fuels.

Abolish Taxes on Capital Gains. Match China, Singapore and many other competitors. More investment in America means more jobs in America.

Protect the Rights of American Workers. We must protect a worker’s right to decide by secret ballot whether to join a union, and the worker’s right to freely negotiate.

Forced unionism will kill jobs in America at a time when we can’t afford to lose them.

Replace Sarbanes-Oxley. This failed law is crippling entrepreneurial startups. Replace it with affordable rules that help create jobs, not destroy them.

Abolish the Death Tax. Americans should work for their families, not for Washington.

Invest in Energy and Transportation Infrastructure. This includes a new, expanded electric power grid and a 21st century air traffic control system that will reduce delays in air travel and save passengers, employees and airlines billions of dollars per year."

We like Gingrich's proposal because it understands how wealth is created.

Wealth is created by people not Pres. Obama.

In fact, Pres Obama creates zero wealth.

Obama takes your money and gives it to others, scpecially the interest groups that got him elected!

Do we want Pres Obama to fail?

Yes we do!

We will fight his misguided shift toward European socialism.

We don't want for the US to look like France. (By the way, Pres Sarkozy doesn't want France to look like France anymore either!)

Gingrich has a good proposal. We should take him seriously!

Pres Obama and the Dems should get over Limbaugh and debate ideas!




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