Sunday, March 08, 2009

Earth to "yes we can" screamers!

Donald Luskin is one of those guys who likes economic charts and graphs. Most of us watch the Cowboys on Sunday. Luskin makes these graphs! We appreciate his graphs a great deal!

He has a very bad message this morning for the "yes we can" screamers. It's about time that the "yes we can" screamers were forced to deal with some reality rather than jump up and down whenever they see his face on TV!

Take a look at this graph.

"Stocks are off 28.4% since his election, 15.2% since his inauguration, and 17.2% since his so-called “stimulus” bill was enacted.

To say the very least, whatever he's doing, it ain't working.

I have to say I'm a little surprised.

I didn't support Obama in the campaign, but I had expected that the wave of good feelings from the election of such a charismatic man would help lift the economy and the markets out of their doldrums.

And while I don't agree at all with his liberal orientation in economic policy, at least I thought he was generally a centrist who wouldn't muck things up too much or too quickly.

I even hoped his so-called “stimulus” bill would at least have a placebo effect."

Go out and hug a "yes we can" screamer!

They will need a lot of love and attention as their little Messiah turns out to be another Chicago politician who told them what they wanted to hear! "Hope and change" he wasn't, isn't and won't be!



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