Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Dems show no respect for Mexico and/or NAFTA!

We didn't vote for Pres Clinton.

However, we do give him credit for standing up to the protectionist wing of the Dem party.

In 1993, Pres Clinton finished what the first Pres Bush had started in 1991.

He finished NAFTA.

Since NAFTA, the US, Mexico and Canada have benefited greatly.

In Texas, we do huge business with Mexico. NAFTA has forced Mexico to modernize and it has!

NAFTA has been a great success story, which is why the protectionist wing of the Dem party wants to blow it up!

The Dems' left wing was furious with Pres. Clinton.

In fact, they were so furious that 4 million of them voted for Ralph Nader in 2000! (See Michael Moore's letter to candidate VP Gore!)

This week, the Dems have shown no respect for NAFTA.

ARTURO SARUKHAN is Mexico's ambassador to the United States. Today, he wrote a great op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal: Congress Doesn't Respect Nafta

The Ambassador is right.

The Dems don't respect NAFTA.

Let me go further. The Dems want to blow up NAFTA! Just give them time and they will!

Who is Pres Calderon's biggest headache? The answer is the US Dem party!


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