Saturday, March 21, 2009

Deficits mean that Pres BO's expansion of government is dead in the water!

Frankly, I didn't think that Pres Obama's honeymoon from reality would end this quickly.

On the other hand, this is what happens to someone who told a lot of people what they wanted to hear!

Here is the deficit news:

"The Congressional Budget Office figures, released Friday, predict Obama's budget will produce $9.3 trillion worth of red ink over 2010-2019.

That's $2.3 trillion worse than the White House predicted in its budget.

Worst of all, CBO says the deficit under Obama's policies would never go below 4 percent of the size of the economy, figures that economists agree are unsustainable.

By the end of the decade, the deficit would exceed 5 percent of gross domestic product, a dangerously high level." (FOX)

"Hope and change" has a hefty price tag!

What's the bad news? Pres Obama's deficits will be huge!

What's the good news? Pres Obama's socialism is dead. We can't pay for it.

What's Pres Obama going to do? He will spend the next 3 plus years about all of those things that he wants to do but we can't afford.

I love it.

Reality has finally caught up with "Hope and change"!


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