Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Pres BO: How is that trade war with Mexico going?

Pres BO is on Leno. He cracked a joke about his bowling and The Special Olympics. Let's see how the "ultra sensitive, politically correct, victim-hood" wing of the Dem party reacts to it. Can you imagine Pres Bush saying something like that?

He is doing campaign stops in California even though he was elected 100 days ago. POLITICO now writes that Obama struggles as communicator! Perhaps, people are actually listening to what he is saying rather than jumping up and down!

Matthew Continetti has an update on the trade war with Mexico. Yes, I'm talking about the war that Pres Obama and the Dems just started with Mexico:

"In a statement, John McCain points out that the whole matter began with an amendment inserted into the recent obmnibus spending bill.

The amendment's sponsor, North Dakota Democrat Byron Dorgan, is an avowed protectionist.

The first thing Dorgan would like to see is America build up trade barriers to promote domestic industry, even if that means higher prices for consumers, loss of U.S. market share in the global economy, and harm to North Dakota oil seeds exports.

The global trading system hit a wall last year with the collapse of the Doha round.

Now it is unraveling. And the American president?

He isn't lifting a finger to stop it."

Our president is on Leno and doing the "sob story" tour! Am I the only one who thinks that he may be better off in the Oval Office? Shouldn't he call an emergency staff meeting? Shouldn't he ask: Who read these bills? Why didn't you tell me that I was signing the AIG checks and starting a trade war with Mexico?



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