Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Pres BO: Alexander Hamilton would have read the bill.....

So Sec Geithner is now Alexander Hamilton!

Let's hope that he doesn't run into a modern Aaron Burr!

Richard Brookhiser, an NR senior editor, is author of Alexander Hamilton, American.

I guess that he knows a thing or two about Mr. Hamilton, one of the key men in the early days of the Republic.

Check out this from Alexander Geithner? :

"“Opinion is the soul of credit.”

This line, one of Hamilton’s brilliant throwaways, was also one of his enduring convictions.

The right policies and structures were essential, but equally essential were clear and persuasive explanations.

Clarity had a double function: It explained the policies to possibly balky lawmakers and taxpayers, and it created an all-important air of confidence.

FDR’s defenders like to say, with some truth, that his optimistic manner buoyed the nation all by itself. Hamilton had an optimistic manner—plus, he understood economics."

No, he is not Hamilton.

Better than that, Pres Obama is no Pres Washington.

Washington didn't need a teleprompter for press conferences or when he welcomed foreign visitors.

P.S. Should Geithner be fired?

The answer is no.

Why should we create another opening in this administration?


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