Sunday, March 08, 2009

Congratulations to ESPN for the Joe DiMaggio tribute!

Maybe you caught the ESPN tribute to Joe DiMaggio. I caught a few highlights.

Joe DiMaggio is one of the top 5 baseball players in major league history. It's hard to pick the other four but you start with Ruth, Aaron, Mays, Rose, Cobb, Gehrig, Frank Robinson, and the list goes on. Add a few pitchers like Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan and Walter Johnson. How did I forget Bob Feller? I probably forgot a few others, too!

My generation never got see Joe play. We've heard our dad's stories and all of those videos over the years.

After baseball, Joe married Marilyn Monroe and started another phase of his life.

Joe died 10 years ago.

As a Yankee, Joe won 9 World Series! His lifetime batting average was .325!

Joe's amazing achievement was the 56-game hitting streak in 1941. Perhaps, some future player will break that. Rose has the second longest streak and it's 44! Don't count on it! "Joltin' Joe" was a great tune about the streak and the big band sound!



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