Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blaming Bush for BO's deficits is not working!

When will Pres Obama stop blaming Pres Bush?

We don't know. However, it didn't work with a group of voters who watched the press conference with Pollster Frank Luntz.

At some point, you have to get the "batter out" and stop blaming the starting pitcher for "loading the bases".

Karl Rove has a good summary of this deficit issue:

"Last fiscal year, the deficit was $459 billion.

For this fiscal year, it was $569 billion when Mr. Obama took office.

Under his proposals, another $1.276 trillion will be added to the deficit this year, for a total of $1.845 trillion.

The CBO says deficits will fall for three years to $658 billion, still nearly 50% larger than any past deficit.

After that, deficits go back up every year, reaching the trillion-dollar a year mark again in nine years."

Blaming Bush for Obama's deficits won't work!


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