Saturday, March 07, 2009

Andruw Jones could be a huge addition to the Rangers!

A few weeks ago, the Rangers picked up Andruw Jones. He was released by the Dodgers after an awful season.

Before LA, Jones was the Braves' CF and one of the best players in the NL.

Jones is operating under a minor league contract and a "guest" to the Rangers' spring camp.

I could be wrong but Jones could turn into one of the best pick ups in Rangers history.

Let's assume that Jones is healthy and plays 145 games.

Let's say that he can play center along with Josh Hamilton at RF and David Murphy in LF. Don't forget Nelson Cruz who played well after a monster AAA season.

This is a great outfield and pretty good bats!

I like this move. We will know a lot more by mid-March but I like this move a lot!


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