Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You can thank Gore 2000 for today's ACORN!

ACORN is out of control. We have written about this in previous posts. This is not just some guys on the ground who registered Mickey Mouse. This is a concerted effort to steal the 2008 election.

What happened? It starts with a misunderstanding of the 2000 election.

VP Gore did the country a terrible disservice in 2000. He put the nation through 37 days of legal technicalities.

He also gave birth to the "Bush stole the election" nonsense. Gore also set the table for Bush Derangement Syndrome!

What happened in 2000?

We had a close election. It was decided by the Constitution. It came down to the electoral college, which is the same way that every election has been decided since George Washington.

Gore was entitled to a full recount under Florida law. He didn't take it. Instead, he called for a partial recount in selected precincts.

You can't do selective recounts in a democracy. You recount all of the votes or you don't recount any of them.

What about the recount? Rick Moran wrote a great post:

"The fact that the 2000 election was so close (and the results confirmed by a consortium of independent media who took the time to recount the Florida votes several different ways proving that Bush did indeed win the state) no doubt was frustrating for the losers.

But the idea that after 8 years the left could never get over the results and indeed, showed a derangement toward the president even after a still close but decisive win in 2004 proves that it is up to us on the right to bring our politics back to a rough equilibrium so that we can work together in these perilous times."

In simple language, Bush won Florida and every recount of Florida. He won the electoral college and the 2000 election.

As a practical matter, Gore could have made Florida irrelevant by simply winning his home state of Tennessee or getting Clinton to deliver Arkansas.

No Tennessee or Arkansas for Gore. No victory for Gore. Bush is elected.

Unfortunately, the angry left, represented by ACORN, has been on the warpath against Bush. (Our Mexican readers may recognize the same irrational insanity in the PRD against Pres. Calderon!)

They think that Bush stole the election.

Therefore, they are doing everything possible to register anyone who is willing to take their cigarettes or whatever else they are offering.

You can thank Al Gore for this.

In 1960, VP Nixon had a far better case for a recount than VP Gore ever did.

In the end, Nixon put country first.

Nixon did not want to destroy Kennedy's presidency. Nixon could have blown up JFK by challenging the way that votes were counted in Chicago. He could have thrown the whole thing into the courts and delayed the start of the new administration.

Again, let's remember that the 1960 election was decided by 114,000 votes out 76 million cast. Let's also remember that the newspapers were full of stories about serious vote fraud in Chicago. VP Nixon was under a lot of pressure to call for a recount.

As John Fund wrote, there were also questions about the popular vote in Alabama. It's very likely that Nixon, not JFK, actually won the popular vote if Alabama's votes had been applied correctly!

That's all history now. I'm not into living in the past. However, there are lessons that we can learn from the past.

What's the lesson of 1960? Nixon put the country first and let Kennedy assume the presidency without challenge. What happened in 2000? Gore put himself first and damaged the nation.

Again, you can thank Al Gore for ACORN and the mess that lies ahead!

ACORN, like so much of the left, is full of hatred. They hate Bush. They don't think that he is legitimate, which is utter nonsense after the 2004 election.

Bush became the first candidate since his father in 1988 to win a majority of the popular vote in 2004. He beat Kerry, 51-48! (Clinton was elected and reelected with 43% and 48% respectively!)

Again, thanks to VP Gore for doing this to the country! Did you hear this: ACORN Does Philadelphia!




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