Monday, October 27, 2008

Why aren't we forcing the candidates to talk about entitlements?

The media's role in the 2008 presidential election has been a major disappointment.

Why isn't the media challenging the candidates on entitlements?

I just saw this great article: Ten Myths About Budget Deficits and Debt by Brian M. Riedl.

We must confront entitlements or they will land with a vengeance on a future president's desk. Furthermore, it won't be long before they do, specially Medicare which is totally out of control.

McCain and Obama have spent so much time talking about spending and pork projects.

Yet, that's not the real problem.

Of course, we must curb spending and "pork" projects.

However, it won't be enough just to cut spending and eliminate all of those "pork" projects that make good political attacks.

Our biggest problem is entitlements, i.e. future promises.

Again, see the article for more details and graphs!

How do you tackle entitlements?

First, you need a president who doesn't read polls. It will be extremely unpopular to fix Social Security and Medicare.

Second, you need a president who can work with the other side. At the very least, a president who has a resume that confirms that he can work with the other side. You can't fix the entitlement crisis on a party vote basis!

We should demand more specifics on how McCain or Obama will tackle entitlements.

At least, McCain has a track record as a deficit hawk.

Obama just has a very vague resume and a tendency to tell people what they want to hear!



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