Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where is the outrage when they say it about our guys?

The "media in the tank for Obama" is showing its true colors.

Check out the outrage over an incident at a McCain rally.

Yes, it's true that some idiot called Obama a "liar" and that someone else said "kill him".

Of course, those are very unfortunate displays of immaturity. Yes, they happen and should not be tolerated. Also, the guy who said "kill him" should be prosecuted for using such language.

During the Clinton years, I was critical of Clinton. At the same time, I did not subscribe to the extreme attacks. Clinton was the president and the office deserves our respect.

Here is the part that I don't get!

Where is the outrage when these words are aimed at us?

Stephen F. Hayes has a great post today:

"The new media narrative was born after McCain's town hall in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Thursday, where several voters voiced the frustration and, yes, anger in questions to McCain.

And several voters shouted their criticism of Obama, echoing McCain from the stage.

And from that, we were told, Republicans are filled with "rage."

Of course, there were 5,000 people at the event; maybe two or three dozen shouted criticism of Obama.

The vast majority never shouted criticism.

But in the last 36 hours, we've seen three examples of real anger on the left.

And as the old media axiom has it, three makes a trend.

This morning at a McCain rally here, a bearded young man in the crowd responded to a McCain critique of Barack Obama by shouting:

"You're a liar John!"

He then hoisted a young woman with an antiwar poster onto his shoulders and began yelling antiwar gibberish as McCain tried to continue his speech.

When McCain supporters ripped up the woman's sign, she unfolded another one and the spectacle continued.

Earlier, at a rally in Philadelphia, Obama praised John McCain's service to America and called for a civil debate over the final days of the campaign.

He was lustily booed by his angry supporters.

And yesterday, at a McCain rally in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, another angry heckler shouted "Liar" and other insults at McCain from the crowd. Can we expect stories on this disturbing trend?

Don't bet on it."

Now, let me get this straight. There are 5,000 people at a McCain rally. Two idiots say something stupid and that's now the face of the new angry Republican of 2008!

Again, I don't get this selective outrage.

A couple of years ago, some idiot made a movie about the assassination of Pres. Bush. Where was the outrage?

Have you heard or read what the left writes about Bush, Cheney, and now McCain-Palin?

In a week, Oliver Stone, the same director who made the hysterical movie called JFK, is releasing a movie about Pres. Bush.

Based on the TV trailer, it presents a sitting president as a moron and an idiot. At the same time, it reports that Pres. Bush and VP Cheney have created a police state aimed at their opponents.

What a police state? Can you imagine Castro or Stalin tolerating the release of such a movie about them?

More recently, James Carville said that there could be riots if Obama loses the election after leading in the polls.

Who is going to riot? Carville is concerned that "certain people" will conclude that the Republicans stole another election.

Where is the outrage over Carville's remarks? Did BO tell Carville to tone it down? Did CNN suspend him for such a stupid statement?

Majority Leader Reid said that it was racist to speak of Obama and Franklin Raines. I guess that it's now racist to say that a black man made $ 90 million in Fannie Mae!

It gets even better, or worse I guess! This is awful but no one is calling on Rep. Lewis to resign or take it back:

"Civil rights icon John Lewis compared Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) to George Wallace in a posting to Politico's forum "The Arena," accusing McCain of fostering “an atmosphere of hate” and “hostility” like the one that led to white supremacists’ 1963 bombing of a church in Birmingham, Ala."

McCain is Wallace?

I should remind everyone that George Wallace was a Democrat.

I should also remind you that it was Republicans who gave Pres. Johnson the votes to make the civil rights legislation possible.

Where is the front page article on The NY Times saying that Rep Lewis is bringing down the campaign's rhetoric?

Shame on Rep. Lewis but don't expect anyone in the media to tell you about it!

Unfortunately, people will get excited and say stupid things in a long campaign.

OK. I understand that.

At the same time, I don't understand why the media only focuses on sporadic outbursts at McCain rallies.

At times like these, it's only fair to turn the microphone over to Bo Sneardly.

He is also the "....Official Obama Criticizer for the EIB Network, certified black enough to criticize by the National Association for Peace, Love, and Social Justice."

Enjoy it! It's funny and it hits the mark. Bo calls on BO to restrain Dems who are calling for riots. Again, this is hilarious! It's so true that Sneardly should earn a gold medal for telling the truth!

It would be nice if all of the idiots would zip their lips. It would be nicer if the "media in the tank for Obama" would tell the angry left to zip their lips, too!




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