Monday, October 13, 2008

Where is the media outrage over the angry left?

The "media in the tank for Obama" continues the Republican rage narrative.

Unfortunately, the media has overlooked the angry left.

The Power Line has a good post:

"Wow. How deranged can you get?

Of course, John McCain gets booed at Obama rallies, too.

But that's different: McCain deserves to be booed.

When Republicans boo the reporters' beloved Barack, that's an entirely different phenomenon."

Rick Moran takes a look at some recent liberal anger:

"If I were the left, I’d give up on this transparent attempt to smear GOP partisans and look to their own house instead.

Michelle Malkin has at least 2 dozen examples of the kind of out of control rage that the left is weeping about with regards to Republicans at McCain rallies.

Out. Of. Control."

They have been out of control since Al Gore couldn't win Tennessee!

Yes, there is anger. There is a lot of anger because the media is in the tank for Obama!


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