Thursday, October 30, 2008

What scandals will follow BO to the White House?

There are some interesting stories brewing in the media.

First, ACORN just doesn't go away. John Fund, who has written extensively about vote fraud, report this:

"The FBI is investigating its voter registration efforts in several states, amid allegations that almost a third of the 1.3 million cards it turned in are invalid.

And yesterday, a former employee of Acorn testified in a Pennsylvania state court that the group's quality-control efforts were "minimal or nonexistent" and largely window dressing.

Anita MonCrief also says that Acorn was given lists of potential donors by several Democratic presidential campaigns, including that of Barack Obama, to troll for contributions."

Over at The Washington Post, Matthew Mosk reports this:

"Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign is allowing donors to use largely untraceable prepaid credit cards that could potentially be used to evade limits on how much an individual is legally allowed to give or to mask a contributor's identity, campaign officials confirmed.

Faced with a huge influx of donations over the Internet, the campaign has also chosen not to use basic security measures to prevent potentially illegal or anonymous contributions from flowing into its accounts, aides acknowledged.

Instead, the campaign is scrutinizing its books for improper donations after the money has been deposited."

Up in Chicago, the AP reports that Tony Rezko is talking to get a shorter jail term:

"Convicted political fixer Antoin "Tony" Rezko has been quietly visiting Chicago's federal courthouse, setting off speculation that he may be spilling secrets to prosecutors in return for a lenient sentence."

In Ohio, we are learning that the efforts to destroy "Joe the Plumber" were more than originally stated:

"When last we heard from Helen Jones-Kelley, the director of Ohio’s Job and Family Services Division insisted that she has everyone who gets public attention checked to see if they owe family support.

Now, with more details about the searches performed on Joe Wurzelbacher becoming public, Jones-Kelley acknowledges she didn’t quite tell the entire truth at first.

Her department also ran checks on taxes and welfare payments to see if they could catch Joe the Plumber cheating the system." (Morrissey)

Over at The LA Times, there is apparently a video tape that could blow a huge hole in Obama's credibility about Israel and associations:

"In radio interviews while campaigning in Florida, which has a large Jewish voting population, McCain accused the Los Angeles Times of media bias for declining to release a video it obtained of Obama attending a 2003 going away party in Chicago for Khalidi. Khalidi is a Palestinian rights advocate and critic of Israel.

A former University of Chicago professor, he was leaving for a job as a professor at Columbia University in New York.

At the party, which the Times wrote about last April, Obama praised Khalidi and vice versa.

But Khalidi also told the Times in that story that he disagreed with Obama's pro-Israel views." (In Florida, McCain links Obama to critic of Israel)

Will any of this come back to haunt a Pres. Obama? I don't know for sure but there is a little too much smoke out there.

Back in 1992, we were told that character did not matter. We learned later that the economy was OK but Clinton's character wasn't!




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