Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a crazy Cowboys' game!

Let's hope that the Cowboys don't play a lot of games like this in the future.

The Cowboys looked dead in the water with 3 minutes to go. They were down by 10 and looking bad. I was ready to take my sofa pillow and throw it at the TV.

Then everything changed in a second.

First, Barber goes 60 yards and we are down by 3. Great run! Barber is turning into one of the most reliable rushers in the NFL. He reminds you a little bit of Emmitt Smith because he can rush and turn a short pass into a long play.

Second, the defense sacks QB Warner and we get the ball back with a minute to go.

Third, Romo makes a beautiful pass down the middle and puts us withing FG range.

Fourth, the Cowboys catch a little luck when a Cardinal player is injured and the clock stops.

There are now 4 seconds left in the game!

Fifth, Nick Folk hits a 53 yard FG to tie the game.

Can it get any better? More exciting!

Can it get any worse? Unfortunately, yes!

In the overtime period, Matt McBrian's punt was blocked and the game was over in a second.

I did not know this:

"It was the first time in NFL history that a blocked punt for a touchdown ended a game in overtime."

This was the kind of game where you went from gloom to doom to happiness to excitement and ultimately pain.

We need a rout next week to recover some of our energy and broken heart!



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