Saturday, October 11, 2008

Texas wins!

It's always fun to watch someone defeat #1 in college football, unless you are fan of the # 1 team.

It's twice as fun when # 5 Texas beats #1 Oklahoma. This is one of the greatest, and oldest, rivalries in sports. It brings out great passion!

What a great game. Texas wins 45-35!

On the sentimental side, we were so happy to see local kid Jeremy Beal playing for Oklahoma.

Jeremy grew up with my sons. We played Little League, city basketball, soccer and high school football. I'm so happy that Jeremy is doing so well!

Back to the game. On the Texas side, there were some standout plays:

Jordan Shipley's 96 Yd Kickoff Return;

Cody Johnson's 3 TDs; and,

QB Colt McCoy completing 28 of 35 for 277 yards!

It was a total team effort. This is the biggest victory around here since Texas beat USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl.

It was fun to watch! Wonder where the Longhorns end up in next week's poll? The answer is somewhere between 1 and 5! It helps to beat # 1 if you want to go up in the standings!



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