Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A simple question for Obama tonight!

This is my question for Obama:

"Senator, Tony Rezko is currently "singing" to a federal prosecutor in Chicago.

In other words, Tony Rezko is trying to get a shorter sentence by telling Prosecutor Fitzgerald what he knows about Chicago politics.

Could Tony be singing about you?

If elected, could you be involved in a Chicago corruption scandal. Can you assure the nation that Tony is not singing about you?"

This is a fair question.

Chicago politics is about as corrupt as it gets. Obama is an offspring of that political system.

Again, could Tony Rezko be singing about him?

We need to know the answer to that question.

Remember 1992? We were told by the Clinton campaign back then that character questions were a distraction from the economy.

What happened to the US economy? It did well.

What happened to Clinton's character? The record is clear.

It matters. Character matters a lot. I agree with Peter Wehner:

"Still, in our wiser moments, we have always understood that character, broadly defined, is important to possess for those in high public office, in part because it tells us whether our leaders warrant our trust, whether their word is dependable, and whether they are responsible.

And one of the best indicators of character is the people with whom you associate.

This is basic, elementary-school level common sense. The odds are your parents wanted you to hang around with the “right” crowd instead of the wrong crowd because if you hung around with the latter it meant its members would be a bad influence on you, it would reflect poorly on you, and you’d probably end up getting into trouble.

What applies to 10-year-olds also applies to presidential candidates."

Don't give me the "distraction" bit. Check out Thomas Sowell:

"Barack Obama's supporters often try to sidestep questions about his character and judgment by saying that we should stick to what they arbitrarily define as "the real issues."

But Mr. Obama's record on specific issues is as bad as his record of repeatedly allying himself over the years with people who make no attempt to hide their hatred of America."




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