Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sad to hear about Dean Barnett

For a couple of years, I've enjoyed reading Dean Barnett at The Weekly Standard.

Also, Dean was a frequent "sub" on The Hugh Hewitt Show.

Today, we learned that Dean died after a long fight with cystic fibrosis. Dean recently wrote about his struggles in The Smart Spunky Kid with the Fatal Disease:

"As I grew sicker, I had what for me was an extremely comforting insight.

I came to view serious and progressive illness as an ever constricting circle with oneself at the center.

The interior of the circle represents the contents of one’s life.

As the circle gets smaller, things that were inside get forced out. Some of these things are dearly missed; others that were once thought precious get forced to the exterior and turn out to go surprisingly unlamented.

At the innermost point of the circle are the things that really matter: family, faith, love.

These things stay with you until the day you die.

At the very end, because the circle has shrunk down to its center, they’re all you have left.

But as we approach that end, we finally realize that all along, they were what mattered most.

As a consequence, life often remains beautiful and worthwhile right up until the end."

I loved Dean's articles. I loved his New England accent when he was on the radio. Dean was naturally a huge Boston Red Sox fan!

I was not surprised at all of the tributes published today, specially the one from Hugh Hewitt making reference to Dean's essay about his illness.

Our sympathies to Dean's family!



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