Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Post-season baseball will give us a break from the crazy world of politics!

My pre-season prediction may still happen. I picked Milwaukee to play Cleveland in the World Series.

Today, post-season baseball gives us a chance to get away from all of this crazy stuff in Washington DC.

The Brewers and Phillies start the whole thing in Philadelphia. My pick is Milwaukee in 5. Sabathia pitches games 2 and 5.

The Dodgers play the Cubs. This is a tough series to pick because LA is managed by Joe Torre. It's hard to bet against a Torre team. I pick the Cubs in 5 but wouldn't be surprised if LA pulls an upset.

The Red Sox and Angels play the late game in LA. I have to pick the Angels because they are the class of the AL. However, Boston is the defending champ. My pick is Angels in 4 games!

The White Sox plays the Rays in Tampa. Chicago just became the first team in history to beat 3 different teams in the last 3 games of the season. They had to make up a game with Detroit on Monday and play a tie breaker against the Twins. My pick is the Rays in 3 because everything has been unbelievable for the young Rays this year.

Let's see who is standing in a week. My pick is that Milwaukee will play Chicago for the NLCS. The Rays will play the Angels for the ALCS.

Good luck to all of the post season participants. It's been a great season!



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