Saturday, October 25, 2008

O'Reilly meets Ayers (in case you missed it)

Normally, I don't like it when TV cameras show up at some one's home. However, there are exceptions and O'Reilly does it well:

1) How about a public servant who refuses to answer questions about their public service? How about the opportunistic DA in North Carolina who indicted those three young men for "allegedly" raping some disturbed young woman? We learned later that the whole story was a hoax. The NC Attorney General has taken legal action against the DA.

Shouldn't someone like that answer a few questions?

2) What about Bill Ayers? Years ago, Ayers tried to kill police officers, a judge and his family and others.

Sorry, Bill Ayers needs to explain a lot of things. So far, all he has done is to say that he didn't do enough.

By the way, Ayers is free because of legal technicalities during his trial. Ayers should be sitting in a federal prison, along with his terrorist wife.

These are not nice people. Why in the world was Barack Obama doing with them anyway?

As I have written before, I don't hold BO responsible for what Ayers did. However, I do hold Obama responsible for friends like Ayers, specially using the Ayers' home to launch his state senate campaign years ago.

O'Reilly was right for confronting Ayers. Let's hope that Obama comes clean with this association. We are learning more and more that this was a lot more than just a fellow down the street.

Finally, isn't it ironic that the despicable Ayers called the police to protect his property and to drive the O'Reilly producer away?

Ayers now believes in the police. He tells the producer to get off his "private property" after bashing capitalism all of these years. Wonder what the police really think of this jerk?


Wonder what the Murtaugh family thinks of this jerk?




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