Thursday, October 02, 2008

Let Gov. Palin make an issue of corruption between Fannie Mae and Dems!

In Alaska, Gov. Sarah Palin is extremely popular because she went after corruption. It's time for Sen. McCain to unleash "the barracuda".

Let her go after the corrupt relationship between Dems and Fannie Mae.

According to Bloomberg, there are federal prosecutors looking at documents related to accounting, disclosure and corporate governance.

Mark Hemingway speaks for many of us who are totally outraged at the corruption:

"Clearly the collusion with members of Congress to cover up Fannie and Freddie’s failure is unprecedented, and normal oversight measures can’t be trusted."

So it's time for Gov. Palin to start mentioning names, such as Franklin Raines, Sen. Dodd and Jim Johnson.

Let Palin do this. I think that she will be a big hit!

P.S. By the way, I am convinced that this is bigger than Watergate, which was basically the cover-up of a stupid activity in the Nixon reelection campaign.


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