Monday, October 06, 2008

Foreign policy and the next president

The success in Iraq and the Fannie Mae mess have taken foreign policy off the election agenda.

Obama came up as the anti-war candidate. Yet, he barely talks about it now. Like most Dems, Obama is a poll reader. The polls read a lot different on Iraq today than they did two years ago! (Plurality, For First Time, Says Iraq War Will Be Judged A Success)

Yet, I continue to insist that foreign policy will be a lot more important than domestic concerns, specially those foreign policy things that come at you out of nowhere.

From Truman to the current Bush, we've rated our presidents on their ability to deal with foreign issues.

Someting will happen overseas. Something will happen and it will consume a lot of the president's time. It always does! Somalia and Clinton! 9-11 and Bush!

George Friedman runs Stratfor , a private intelligence company delivering in-depth analysis, assessments and forecasts on global geopolitical, economic, security and public policy issues.

Friedman has been covering the Obama and McCain campaigns. He has issued several reports about the two men and their worldview.

Bill O'Reilly has been talking to Mr. Friedman. You can read the full report here!

For years, we've heard about Bush and the allies. How real is that? Will anyone really be able to mobilize our allies to do anything?

This is what Mr. Friedman told O'Reilly last week:



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