Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Does your ticket to BO's big party have a full refund clause?

Do me a favor. I'm just looking out for you!

I'm just a friend preventing another "liberal election night" meltdown.

Call your travel agent. Make sure that the ticket to Chicago's big party has a full refund clause. Has he charged your credit card yet?

This election is not over. In fact, McCain is going to win.

What about the polls?

What about them?

Which poll do you believe? The one showing Obama up by 14? Or the one showing a dead heat?

Also, what's new about Obama? Check out the audio tape from 2001 that just hit the fan yesterday.

Obama is, and was, a left wing ideologue:

"The tape recording of an interview that Barack Obama gave to Radio Station WBEZ in Chicago in 2001 surfaced, and in that interview Mr. Obama, then a law professor and a state senator, lays out how he would redistribute the wealth.

He sounds like a man with a plan.

The interview explains a lot, beginning with the attempt, abetted by a mainstream media that no longer tries to hide its slavish obeisance to the Democratic campaign, to destroy Joe the Plumber and shut down discussion of the implications of what the candidate said." (Pruden)

What's new about Obama?

The answer is nothing. This is the same stuff that we've heard from the left before. This is leftism in a DVD format.

We had the LP version years ago, then the 8-track tape, then the cassette, then the CD and now the DVD.

Quin Hillyer has a message for those of you planning to buy a ticket to the BO inauguration:

"The Obama souffle is slowly starting to settle.

I think the souffle hit its peak last Thursday or so. It hasn't been popped -- it's not going to go "Poof" all at once -- but it is settling.

And it still has eight more days to settle -- plenty of time for a souffle to get stale and mushy, even if properly refrigerated." (Pruden)

This is not over. Spend your money wisely and make your plans accordingly. At least, don't say that I didn't warn you!

P.S. For more on Obama, see Jonah Goldberg's Obama's not 'new'!




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