Thursday, October 16, 2008

Debate 3 and Joe the Plumber!

Before the debate, I read the latest column from Karl Rove: Obama Hasn't Closed the Sale!

Just ask Joe the Plumber! He is from Ohio and he is not sold on Obama's tax plan.

Many of us see ourselves in Joe. Why? He is small businessman. He is working hard. He is willing to work to make it.

We need more people like Joe.

Obama has not closed the sale.

Again, ask Joe from Ohio!

Nevertheless, it worries me that we are not talking foreign policy. Why? Because our next president is going to be spending more time on Iran than health insurance deductibles.

Here is the bottom line:

We don't have any money to create another domestic entitlement. How can we afford another entitlement when Medicare and Social Security are broken?

You can take Obama's health insurance proposal and sell it on E-Bay.

It will never pass.

We are not going to create another entitlement when Medicare and Social Security are a couple of sick patients headed to ER.

Our next president will spend more time on Iran's nuclear program, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia and even Mexico than the domestic agenda.

Again, just ask Clinton and Carter, the last two guys who ran on domestic issues!

On the mortgage crisis, no one has a quick fix. Obama doesn't. Obama was just as blindsided by this crisis as everybody else.

I have not heard anything from Obama different than what Pres. Bush or Sec. Paulson are saying.

Also, we should be talking about corruption between Congress and Fannie Mae. There is the scandal!

On issue after issue, Obama was all talking points.

Obama does not understand how wealth and prosperity are created. Obama is a disciple of Chicago's left wing precincts. Obama does not understand economics.

On public education, Obama agrees that change is needed but he is still afraid to stand up to the teachers' unions. You can't fix our inner city public schools without challenging the teachers' unions.

On free trade, I'm not clear where Obama stands! Obama's position on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement is simply absurd.

Also, how is Pres. Obama going to tell Pres. Calderon that Mexico does not meet environmental standards? Talk about an unilateralist foreign policy!

What about renegotiating NAFTA with Canada? Our northern neighbor is our best ally and source of oil. Canada is also one of the few NATO partners actually pulling their weight in Afghanistan!

Who is giving Obama advice on free trade? Is it Hugo Chavez?

On taxes, he continues to preach this utter nonsense about the rich and oil companies.

Thank God for our private oil companies. Is Obama calling for an American PEMEX? He should talk to the Mexicans about that!

"First, Obama’s tax-rate increases on income will fall heavily on small businesses, which create the majority of net new jobs.

Here’s why: According to Internal Revenue Service data, half of all business income is taxed at individual rather than corporate tax rates, and about two-thirds of all flow-through business income is earned by small-business owners with annual incomes exceeding $200,000.

The bottom line: Up to one-third of all business income is taxed at the two marginal rates Obama wants to raise."

Can McCain win this thing? Yes we can!

It's time to hit Obama on taxes, big government and school choice. Also, Obama's radical abortion position won't play well with conservative women.

McCain called BO "Senator Government". That's exactly right! BO is all about putting government at the heart of the economy and our lives. The WSJ agrees in today's editorial:

" Neither candidate is offering policies that meet the serious economic moment.

But Mr. McCain would let Americans keep more of their own income to ride out the downturn, while Mr. Obama is revealing that his default agenda is to spend money and expand the government."

Can we win? Yes we can!

Why? Because Joe the Plumber understands that BO is full of crap:




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