Sunday, October 19, 2008

Congratulations to the Rays, AL champs!

Here is the bad news: The Rays had 10 losing seasons in a row.

Here is the good news: The Rays have drafted the top young talent in baseball.

Take a look at the Rays' young team. It is one young star after another plus a couple of veterans to keep the kids under control.

Longoria, Crawford, Upton, the kid Price who closed the pennant clincher.

The Rays are the best thing that has happened to baseball in years. They are a team built around scouting and player development. They didn't buy a pennant. The developed it with very athletic young men.

Before free agency got out of control in the 1990s, great teams were built by serious owners, good managers, a great scouting staff and young players.

Congratulations to everyone in the Tampa Bay organization. Let's salute Joe Maddon for believing in his young stars when everyone was ready to write them off!

P.S. Can they stand up to Phillies? Absolutely. In fact, the Phillies and Rays are very similar teams. The Phillies are a little older but they were built from within!


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