Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you kidding me, Sec. Powell?

Before I share my comments on Sec. Powell's endorsement, let me make this perfectly clear, as former Pres. Nixon used to say:

I love Sec. Powell.

He is an American hero.

He could have been the first black president in 1996 or 2000.

I would have been very proud to vote for him.

So what's happened to a nice man like Powell? I don't know and I don't like it.

Frankly, I heard about Powell endorsing Obama months ago. Perhaps, Powell had second thoughts after Obama's disastrous performance following the Russian invasion of Georgia.

Which Barrack Obama is former Sec. Powell endorsing?

Is it the one who opposed the Iraq War as a very liberal state senator representing a very liberal Chicago district? What profile of courage is it to tell left wing constituents like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers what they want to hear?

More importantly, is it the one who opposed the surge? Didn't Obama display incredibly bad judgement on the surge? How can Powell say that Gen Petraeus has done a great job? How can he support Obama, the same man who didn't want to give Gen Petraeus a chance to finish the job?

Is it the one who has been so wrong on Al Qaeda? Obama does not understand the war on terror, except when he wants to invade Pakistan or send troops to Afghanistan. Obama needs to read world history and learn something about how the British and Soviets got bogged down in an Afghan land war.

Afghanistan is a long term project. It will take a generation of US and international support, primarily economic.

Like a lot of liberals, Obama wants to sound tough by saying that he will go after Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Let me say it again: Obama and the Dems do not have the stomach to fight the kind of war that they are talking about. The liberal anti-war Dems will turn on Obama as soon as Afghanistan starts costing lives and money.

The Power Line has some great news about the war that we are winning:

"Yesterday's Washington Post reported that on September 10, four of al Qaeda's five principal web sites went dark. They have been disabled ever since.

The result has been a crippling of al Qaeda's ability to communicate with, and direct the activities of, its members and adherents around the world.

Qaeda's already-low ability to carry out attacks in the West has been degraded even further.

Barack Obama likes to say that al Qaeda is stronger than at any time since before September 11, but that is silly.

In fact, the Bush administration's devastation of al Qaeda's organization has been one of its most notable successes, even if it is one that voters are in no mood to acknowledge."

Why did this happen? Because Pres. Bush went after Al Qaeda everywhere, including Iraq!

It happened because Pres. Bush listened to Sec. Powell rather than a state senator named Barrack Obama!

Is Powell endorsing the candidate who speaks about "hope and change" without specifics?

Is Powell caught up in the "personality cult" and all of the garbage about a transformational figure?

Does Sec. Powell fall for all of the "man of the world" nonsense? (Obama vows to 'change the world'... )

Our friend Bill Katz of "Urgent Agenda" got it right:

"We seem to be creating a lot of halos these days, with very little substance underneath."

What about all of that negative campaigning that upsets Powell?

He is right. Our politics is too negative. Unfortunately, we don't hear any outrage when Obama's people engage in negative politics, too.

First, of all it was the Dems who tried to push Obama as a Muslim. Where did The Drudge Report get that photo of Obama?

Second, it was Obama who played the race card with his "dollar bill" comments. Did Powell say anything about Obama's race cards?

Third, it was Obama who refused to talk about his relationship with Bill Ayers. A few months ago, he was a friend down the neighborhood. Now, we know that it was a lot closer than that.

On Ayers, Rev. Wright, Rezko, the issue is Obama's credibility not his associations. Obama has never come clean about these associations. Let's hope that Rezko doesn't come back to haunt Obama's presidency.

Again, which Obama is Powell endorsing?

Frankly, I find Sec. Powell's comments quite disappointing.

I'm tired of this narrative that we are "negative".

Again, who is outspending McCain on negative ads? Have you seen the one running during the baseball playoffs that McCain supported tax cuts for the rich?

Will Sec. Powell's endorsement help? Not much. It may turn a vote here and there but most Americans understand that McCain owns foreign policy.

McCain has been endorsed by Sec. Kissinger, Sec. Shultz, Sec. Baker and Sen Haig. (I may have missed another one!)

Finally, did I tell you that the RCP average is now 5 points? The trend is that McCain is gaining and Obama dropping.

We will be happy to welcome Sec. Powell back to our side. We will forgive and welcome him back to the party of Lincoln where he belongs!




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