Saturday, October 11, 2008

Acorn is crooked and rather incompetent too!

This is getting more and more interesting.

The NY Post reports 1 VOTER, 72 REGISTRATIONS! In Cleveland, one man was offered cigarettes and cash for his vote!

Wait a minute: I thought that the Dems were opposed to smoking! Don't they hate big tobacco?

I don't want to hear Dem VP nominee Joe Biden say that Mexico is a dysfunctional society because of so much corruption!

Corruption? Check the Democrats of 2008!

Acorn is a non-partisan organization that gets federal funds. However, they only register Democrats! They also endorsed Obama!

Go figure that!

We "rich and evil" Republicans pay taxes so that the Dems register the "little people" to vote!

What's the silver lining?

It turns out that Acorn can't steal votes properly. Someone needs to tell the "Acorn-ees" that you shouldn't submit voter applications with the same handwriting. Or, they shouldn't submit a bunch of them with disconnected phones!

I'm not downplaying vote fraud. However, it's obvious that Acorn is staffed by some rather stupid people.

On a more serious note, Brian Faughnan posted Cleveland Paper: Obama's Lying About ACORN! Let's give a cheer to CNN for running this one:



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