Sunday, August 31, 2008

First they went after Thomas! Now it's Palin's turn!

The Dems love to talk about diversity. They are the self appointed party of diversity.

Are they really? I don't think so! They believe in diversity as long as you agree with them!

Back in '91, the first Pres. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.

My first reaction was positive: what a great life story! what a great role model for young blacks!

What was the Dems' reaction? Lynch him!

How dare a black man leave the Dem plantation? How dare a black man think for himself? How dare a black man challenge the welfare state dogma of Jesse Jackson's party?

They threw everything at him, including allegations from Anita Hill.

During the nomination, Thomas had a word for it: high tech lynching!

Looking back, I was fit to be tied for days watching the way that a good man like Thomas was treated by the left.

Now, McCain chooses Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate.

The feminist wing of the Dem party is in an uproar. They are ready to whip you with their bras!

Palin doesn't fit the feminist template.

Palin had babies rather than abortions. Did you hear that she is very religious?

Palin is a conservative who believes in the 2nd amendment. Did you hear that she has a lifetime NRA membership?

Palin believes in the traditional union of a man and woman in marriage.

Like Thomas, Palin is a threat to the left. Bill Kristol had a great explanation:

"Millions of Americans--mostly but not only women, mostly but not only Republicans and conservatives--seemed to get a sense of energy and enjoyment and pride, not just from her nomination, but especially from her smashing opening performance.

Palin will be a compelling and mold-breaking example for lots of Americans who are told every day that to be even a bit conservative or Christian or old-fashioned is bad form.

In this respect, Palin can become an inspirational figure and powerful symbol.

The left senses this, which is why they want to discredit her quickly."

All of sudden, the feminists are questioning Palin's experience. Did any of them question Obama's experience?

Let's get serious. Palin is the governor of Alaska. What executive position has Obama held?

The left is not about promoting blacks or opening doors for women. The left is about promoting the left!

Thomas and Palin don't share the left's agenda. Therefore, the left will try to destroy them.

P.S. Some liberals are honest and they see the left's double standard. Kristen Powers has a great post today:

"But listening to Obama supporters take to the airwaves to shriek with indignation about her lack of experience is just a little too rich.

Where were they when Obama, two years into the Senate, announced his candidacy for president?" (A BRILLIANT TRAP MAKES DEMS THE MALE CHAUVINISTS!)

Where were they? They were cheering Obama's pro-abortion and socialist agenda!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The McCain team is beating up a rookie defense!

The McCain team is running great plays and tearing up Obama's defenses.

It started with the celebrity ads. The Obama team was not expecting it. The Obama team has never had a good response:

The Obama campaign can not react to these ads. How do you react to 'celebrity" ads when your candidate is nothing but a celebrity?

How do you take seriously a presidential candidate who zero managerial experience? Obama has never even been a nighttime shift supervisor at a local 7-11!

The second play was the interview at Rick Warren's church. McCain was crisp and Obama looked like a man weighing every word:

The third play was putting Gov. Palin on the ticket.

The McCain staff is now exposing the Dems' biggest wound. Obama has a 'woman problem"! Obama has a woman problem with women over 40! The problem did not get better in Denver despite all of the "hope and change"!

The Obama team is in shock:

"Hope and change" doesn't work anymore. It certainly doesn't work before a general election audience.

"Tax the rich" worked in front of silly college students. It doesn't work in a general election when the parents (i.e. taxpayers) are paying attention.

Americans are smart enough to know that you can not give a tax cut to 95% of the population by taxing the other 5%.

It's class warfare nonsense!

"Get out of Iraq" was a great line back in Iowa. He is now saying that he will get out "responsibly", which is a word game! Obama is not going to do withdraw troops from Iraq because he doesn't want to blow up the region.

In the end, Obama played with the anti-war movement. He told them what they wanted to hear back in Iowa and New Hampshire. Now, he has to deal with the real world consequences of such promises.

McCain doesn't have an Iraq War problem. McCain's position was clear.

He was for the war when it was very popular and every Dem rushed to the microphone to vote for it.

He called for a change in strategy when the war was very unpopular and the Dems said that it was lost.

He is also for the war now that the public is turning around and supporting the surge! (Confidence in War on Terror and Iraq at Highest Level Ever)

Obama, the anti-war candidate, doesn't talk about Iraq anymore. Why? Because we are winning and Obama is invested in defeat.

McCain was a leader. Obama was a poll reader!

Last, but not least, Obama's Chicaco friends are starting to add up into problems.

John Fund writes this: Obama Should Come Clean On Ayers, Rezko And the Iraqi Billionaire! It turns out that his relationship with Ayers, the 1960s terrorist, was a bit more complex than just the neighbor who lived down the street. There are still questions outstanding regarding Rezko and the Obama home:

The McCain campaign is taking the over confident Obama apart.

Get ready for Aggies football!

The Aggies have a new coach and a good chance to win some big games. He is former Green Bay Packers's coach Mike Sherman!

Last year, the Aggies were a disappointing 7-6.

The annual Texas-Texas A&M game will be played in Austin this year. Last year, our family went to this game, which is played on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The atmosphere is wonderful. The pre-game ceremony is worth every minute.

Of course, it's even more fun when the Aggies beat the Longhorns, as they did in 2007!

The Aggies will play Miami on the road. Oklahoma and Texas Tech are home games. Again, Texas is at Austin!

What's the best thing to do on a fall Saturday afternoon? You watch the Aggies football team enter the field behind the Aggies' band:

At halftime, the Aggie band puts on the best show in the country:

Go Aggies! Make sure that you beat Texas again:

What town (of any population) did Obama run?

"“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency...."

In fact, Palin has more executive experience than Obama. She ran a small town and was elected governor.

What town of 9,000, or of any population, did Obama run? The answer is none!

Does the Obama campaign want to get into an "experience debate"?

Get over it feminists. Get over it Dems.

Finally, these kind of attacks on Palin will backfire, specially with women!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin is a great choice!

Sarah Palin was not my first choice. Nevertheless, she is a great choice.

Palin is from Alaska, a conservative outpost. McCain-Palin will run against the Dem Congress, currently at 10% approval!

She is a very conservative on gun control and property rights. This is going to play well in rural areas where the very liberal Obama is already in deep trouble.

She is pro-life and will appeal to all of those mothers and grandmothers who are concerned with Obama's radical views on abortion, partial birth abortion and infanticide. This is going to excite the Republican anti-abortion base!

Palin has 5 children and a strong critic of same sex marriage. This is going to excite the Republican base, too!

She is not afraid of standing up for what she believes. She is tough!

Will her selection appeal to women disenchanted with Obama and the Democrats? It will attract enough to make a difference in swing states!

Great choice. Historic choice.

Last night, the Dems nominated someone who wants the government to take care of us by taxing the rich!

Today, McCain put a Western conservative on the ticket!

Alaska is in the middle of our energy debate. Palin will tell the country that we need to drill for oil in the US!

McCain-Palin was a surprise but it is a pleasant surprise!

It was a historic night!

It was a very historic night for baby boomers.

Who would have believed that a black man would be nominated in our lifetime?

We came close in 1996 but Collin Powell passed up the Republican nomination.

He passed it up again in 2000.

I am convinced that Collin Powell would have easily defeated Clinton in '96 because Perot would have dropped out and endorse him.

Let's give the US its due.

The US has done more to reverse segregation than any other nation in history.

Young blacks enjoy great opportunities today. They have a future that their grandparents or parents did not have.

We have gone from separate water fountains to a presidential nominee in 45 years. We forget that The Civil Rights Act was signed 45 years ago! (Let's not forget that it was Republicans, not Democrats, who made the civil rights legislation of the 1960s possible!)

Again, this is amazing and the US should be very proud.

We will step aside from the partisan fight and let BO and Mrs. Obama enjoy this evening. They are a wonderful family and let them enjoy this very historic night!

Tomorrow, we will get back and support McCain because he is more qualified. BO's speech was "pander" and "tax the rich" but we will fight that battle tomorrow and at the Republican Convention next week!

P.S. John McCain showed a lot of class tonight by congratulating BO with this message:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The US economy won't be the next president's priority!

We love to give presidents credit, and blame them, for the US economy.

In fact, there is a very little that presidents can do beyond proposing tax reforms.

Presidents don't create jobs. They don't force people to buy homes they can't afford or tell banks to make bad loans.

Finally, presidents have very little to do with the value of your home going up or down. (Trust me. Your home value has nothing to do with the Iraq War!)

For example, did Bill Clinton's policies cause the huge market crash of March 2000? Didn't millions lose their savings because of that crash?

You heard a lot of doom and gloom in Denver. You will probably hear more tonight from BO.

This is what you won't hear in Denver or from Dems:

"Since Bush has been President, the unemployment rate has remained under 6.3% and averaged 5.2% (In Clinton's eight years it remained under 7.3% and also averaged 5.2%.)" (Hoven)

This is what happeend in the last year of Clinton:

"The last four fiscal quarters under President Clinton showed steadily declining GDP growth rates of 4.8, 3.5, 2.4, and 1.9 percent, respectively."

Bush, or Gore if he had won Tennessee, came into office with an economy declining rapidly.

Do we call that the Clinton recession?

What's our next president going to be busy with?

It won't be telling "yes we can screamers" what they want to hear about how everything is terrible because Al Gore couldn't win Tennessee!

Get over all of the talk about the economy. On the domestic side, our next president will have to make the incredibly difficult and unpopular reform of entitlements. In other words, someone has to finally do something about Social Security and Medicare.

To his credit, Pres. Bush tried to reform Social Security by giving younger citizens a chance to privatize their investments.

How did the Dems react? They said that Bush wanted to privatize Social Security! (The Dems reacted to Bush's reforms the same way that the PRD in Mexico is reacting to Calderon's PEMEX reforms!)

Again, he didn't. What he was calling for was a reform of a program that will go broke unless we take drastic action. Millions of baby boomers will start getting checks over the next 20 years. "Hope and change" won't cover the checks!

What else will keep our next president busy?

Let me tell you: Iran, Russia, Hugo Chavez, foreign oil, Al Qaeda in the Afghan mountains, etc.

The Dems won in 1976 (Carter) and 1992 (Clinton) saying that the Republicans didn't pay enough attention to our economy. What happened? Carter and Clinton spent most of their time consumed with foreign affairs.

What do we remember Carter for? Iran!

What is Clinton's legacy, despite all of the garbage that you heard last night: Doing nothing about terrorism and allowing Al Qaeda to attack US interests without consequence.

By the way, Clinton knows a lot about his inconsequential legacy. This is why he is desperately trying to get back into the White House to do something about it. For more on this, read Clawing for a Legacy By Charles Krauthammer!

Does it matter that we elect someone who understands foreign policy? The answer is yes!

The Dems understood this during the primaries and they warned us that BO wasn't ready!

We would welcome an election about McCain's judgement!

The Democrats have gone from "hope and change" to "Bush-McCain" to challenging McCain's judgement. Along the way, BO is sinking in the polls. Wonder why?

We welcome that debate.

Let's have a debate about McCain's foreign policy judgement.

Let's start with Iraq.

First of all, Biden voted for the war. There was very little difference between McCain and Biden on Iraq.

Second, BO opposed the surge. McCain supported the surge, which is the main reason that we can have a discussion about withdrawing troops from Iraq.

Bring it on. Let's talk about judgement.

A 2008 Gallup poll about marriage, religion and our political affiliations!

When did this trend start? I don't know for sure. However, I'd guess that it coincides with the secular left's takeover of the Dem party in 1972.

Today, there is a marriage gap and a religious gap between the parties.

On religion, Gallup shows this:

"John McCain continues to dominate Barack Obama among religious Americans, winning among those who attend worship services weekly by a 53% to 37% margin, and losing to Obama among those who seldom or never attend church by 54% to 34%......

Not only does McCain do much better against Obama among those who attend church frequently, but he also beats Obama by an 8-point margin among Americans who say religion is important in their lives, while Obama wins by a 22-point margin among those for whom religion is not important."

On marriage, Gallup shows this:

"Among American registered voters who are married and whom Gallup interviewed Aug. 1-19, John McCain is leading Barack Obama by 13 points; among unmarried American voters, Obama has a 22-point margin....

A large part of the explanation for this marriage gap resides in the basic fact that the two major political parties are fundamentally divided by marital status.

Almost two-thirds of Americans who identify with the Republican Party are married, while a majority of Democrats are unmarried."

Again, it wasn't always this way. I don't think that JFK or Truman or FDR had to deal with such a marriage or religion gap.

This is why McCain's victory is so important. Like Pres. Bush, Sen. McCain will put justices in The Supreme Court who understand the correct role of the judiciary, i.e. let the people vote on abortion and same sex marriage!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

McCain hits BO on Iran!

Have you heard Iran mentioned during the first two nights of the Dem convention? WE have heard a lot of "doom and gloom" but not a word about the real threat facing the West.

Perhaps, we will hear something about Iran from Biden or BO. In the meantime, McCain hit another one out of the park.

The Jewish American vote is critical in Florida. My guess is that most Jewish Americans must be wondering why the party of Harry Truman has been so soft spoken about the threats that Israel faces.

I think that they will like this McCain ad.

Does BO really want to get into an argument about homes?

BO made a very foolish mistake today. He jumped on McCain about "owning homes".

The background is that a reporter asked McCain about his homes. McCain did not how many homes he owned, hardly a crime given that his wife comes from a wealthy family.

The issue is not home ownership. After all, how many homes does the Kennedy family own? Kerry? Gore?

Who cares? It's irrelevant!

The issue is honesty. How did you buy your home? Who helped you buy it? In BO's case it was Rezko. Who was Tony Rezko, his Chicago friend? Rezko was a "....political associate convicted of six counts of wire fraud, six counts of mail fraud, two counts of corrupt solicitation, and two counts of money laundering."

BO is very vulnerable on this topic because of his relationship with a fellow named Rezko:

Was this really an endorsement for BO or the beginning of the Clintons' 2012 campaign?

My initial reaction to HRC's speech was a bit shocking. I was expecting the big unity speech. What I watched was HRC talking about HRC!

HRC did not say anything about BO's character. She said that Michelle would make a great First Lady. HRC did not say that BO would make a great president!

HRC spoke a lot about herself and women's rights. She never said that BO has the qualifications to be commander in chief, one of her primary criticisms just a couple of months ago!

Incredibly, HRC said nothing about the historic angle of the Dems naming a black man. This is remarkable given the support that blacks give the Dems every four years!

Yes, there were some good lines, such as Bush-McCain and the "twin cities".

Yes, she had a good line about "no way, no how, no McCain"!

Next week, you will hear Giuliani, Huckabee, Thompson, and perhaps Romney if he is not chosen as VP, give endorsement speeches for McCain.

Trust me! They will be profound endorsements of John McCain's character and experience.

HRC's endorsement is one of the weakest ever! Again, she did not say that BO would make a strong president. She simply said that we shouldn't have McCain in the White House!

This was about HRC setting the table for 2012! I can't believe that the BO staff will be very pleased with this endorsement.

Forget unity! This is about the Clintons getting ready for 2012! Last, but not least, did you hear that former Pres. Clinton may not join the Dems at BO's acceptance speech? Can you think of the last time that a healthy former president did not attend a convention's final night?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another musical salute to the happy girls in Denver!

Day 2 and there is so much love in the air:

Leslie Gore recorded songs about girls in love. To be honest, she was one of my sister's favorite singers. I like some of her songs, too, specially "California Nights" and "It's my party"! Leslie Gore understood that special feeling of love at first sight:

"Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows,

Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together,

Brighter than a lucky penny,

When you're near the rain cloud disappears, dear,

And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine.

My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way When you're in love to stay.

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, Everything that's wonderful is what I feel

when we're together, Brighter than a lucky penny,

When you're near the rain cloud disappears, dear,

And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine.

My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, That's how this refrain goes,

so come on, join in everybody!

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way

"Cause you're in love, you're in love, And love is here to staaaaaay!"

Love is here to stay! Here is the problem:

Hillary Clinton got 18 million votes. My guess is that 90% of them will eventually vote for BO because of abortion and other liberal causes.

Let's see that McCain gets the difference. That's almost 2 million votes. It could be critical in states like Pennsylvania or Michigan!

From Leslie Gore to all of the girls in Denver: Love is here to stay! Do your part girls! The world is watching! Smile and look pretty! You are supposed to be in love with Obama!

Back in the real world, another great McCain ad using Hillary Clinton's words:

Rev. Wright, who? What Chicago friends?

Michelle Obama looked great. The two girls looked wonderful.

It reminded me of Nancy Reagan speaking from the podium and blowing kisses at Pres. Reagan on the big screen during the 1984 Republican convention in Dallas.

Great choreography. Great looks. Great story about her parents and BO driving the baby girl home.

Where in the world was Rev. Wright?

After all, he married them, baptized their girls and prayed with the Obamas when BO announced his candidacy.

Better than that, Rev. Wright was the single most important person in launching BO's political career.

This is my point.

It worries me when people are so convenient to delete a big part of their past.

How honest is someone who throws their religious mentor overboard because he is no longer an asset on their resume?

It worries me that someone has to give a speech to tell us that she loves the country.

Wonder what Rev. Wright thinks of the former members of his church?

The Obamas owe Rev. Wright a great deal. He took BO and gave him a black identity. He opened political doors for BO. I understand that Rev. Wright said a lot of stupid things but he also helped BO a lot. It bothers me when people have zero loyalty:

Last, but not least, what about those other Chicago friends who were so influential in launching BO's career? Why is BO hiding from them, too?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hillary and the ladies will sing "Lollipop" to Obama!

Unity has landed in Denver. They will unite and live happily ever after with BO-JB. The women will get over their pride, fall in love with BO and happiness will reign in Denver.

The Chordettes recorded this one in the "doo wop" era. It was a song about a girl madly in love with her cute boyfriend. She called him "Lollipop"! It will be one "happy girly moment" singing Lollipop:

Between lollipops, stay away from women swinging their purses. In Denver, a purse may quickly turn into a weapon this week! CNN reports this: "Sixty-six percent of Clinton supporters, registered Democrats who want Clinton as the nominee, are now backing Obama. That’s down from 75 percent in the end of June. Twenty-seven percent of them now say they’ll support McCain, up from 16 percent in late June."

Last, but not least, give the McCain staff an A+ for these ads:

BO doesn't talk about Iraq anymore!

The anti-war candidate is not talking Iraq anymore. The new VP, the same one who voted to remove Saddam, is not talking Iraq either.

2008 was supposed to be about Iraq.

Not anymore!

It's amazing what success in Iraq can do. The Dems have gone mute mode on Iraq. See Noemie Emery:

"A funny thing happened this summer:

John McCain taunted Barack Obama into making a trip to Iraq, whereupon the press looked around and finally noticed what those who were paying attention had known for some months now.

The country portrayed for the last four years by the press and the Democrats as Vietnam-in-the-Desert is doing much better, what with al Qaeda on the run, the Sunnis and Shias coming together, the Shia militias largely defeated, and the war itself looking more or less .  .  . won. "

Did you hear anything about Iraq yesterday at the opening act of the Obama-Biden ticket? There is a new reality in Iraq and BO can not see it and keep the anti-war base that made him famous! Congratulations to the troops! Thank God that Bush and McCain had the courage to see it through!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The McCain ad team hits another home run!

She got 18 million votes. She beat him in every large state primary. He couldn't close the deal with most voters.

So let's give the McCain staff credit for coming up with this great video:

Vote for BO because Biden has experience?

Ron Fournier has the best analysis about BO picking JB:

"The picks say something profound about Obama: For all his self-confidence, the 47-year-old Illinois senator worried that he couldn't beat Republican John McCain without help from a seasoned politician willing to attack."

Some wishful thinking Dems are saying that JB is BO's Cheney, a reference to the 2000 Republican ticket of Bush-Cheney.

It sounds good until you actually look beyond the wishful thinking.

In 2000, GWBush had been elected and reelected governor of Texas.

Like most governors, such as Reagan or Clinton or Dukakis, GWBush did not have foreign policy experience. After all, our foreign policy is run out of Washington DC, although big state governors do have substantial commercial relations with other countries.

What GWBush had, as well as Reagan and Clinton, was executive experience.

Texas is one of the top 15 economies in the world. The Texas GDP, and booming economy, means that our governor spends a tremendous amount of time dealing with other countries about commerce and trade.

Obama has zero foreign policy experience. Worse than that, he has zero executive experience.

BO has not even been a second shift supervisor at a 7-11!

Some wishful thinking Dems are trying to say that Obama is like JFK in 1960.

Again, it does not work.

JFK had been in the US Senate for 8 years in 1960. As a US Senator, JFK took the time to learn about the national security issues of the time.

Also, JFK had served in the House, 1946-52. JFK had also been decorated in WW2 for the PT-109 incident.

In other words, JFK did not have a formal executive job, in the form of a governor or private sector CEO, but he did have experience leading men in battle.

You can learn a lot about a man's character by how he faces life and death situations. JFK had the aforementioned PT-109 incident. Bush-41 was shot down as a Navy pilot in the Pacific and survived hours in the water.

Let me say it again: You can learn a lot about a man by how he survives a life or death situation!

Again, what men has BO ever led into anything? The answer is none, except when he took a bunch of guys to a baseball game at Wrigley Field!

The wishful thinking Dems say that JB will help BO communicate with Catholics and those rural evangelical folk who cling to their guns and Bible.

Again, it won't fly.

Suburban and rural mothers (and grandmothers) are not going to vote for BO's radical abortion position because JB was born Catholic. You don't get "small town values" because your VP was born in Scranton, PA.

We vote for President. You can't borrow experience from your VP nominee.

Is Joe Biden a good man? Yes.

Has he dealt with serious adversity in his life? Absolutely yes!

The good news is that Biden is a decent man. The bad news is that he is the VP and we don't vote for VP!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday's show: A chat with Cassy Fiano, blogger

Cassy Fiano joined us on Saturday to review the Biden selection!

It's Obama-Biden! This is a good pick for Obama. It is also a recognition that BO needs a partner with foreign policy experience.

Cassy will review the state of the race! Also, who will McCain pick? It looks like Romney is the man. The Biden-Romney debate could be the highlight of the campaign.

"It's all Bush's fault" or "McCain is Bush" won't be enough!

See the Obama-Biden website that the RMC has put up. It's great.

Get ready for the Dem narrative:

1) "It's all Bush's fault", even though Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War.

2) "McCain is Bush", even though McCain has been the most independent Republican during the Bush years.

Can this garbage work? It's hard to make it work with 5.5% unemployment and 20-plus consecutive quarters of GDP growth. There are limits to "doom and gloom"!

It will work for those who are already voting for Obama. It's like talking to the choir.

It won't work for independents who have loved McCain over the years.

Let's hope that we hear a better reason to vote Dem this fall than "it's all Bush's fault"! Americans are forward looking people and blaming the incumbent, without specifics, won't cut it.

It's all Bush's fault is also a hard message when Pres. Bush has higher approval ratings than the Dem Congress.

From "hope and change" to "I need an adult"

OK. I didn't get any text message. Frankly, I don't like text messages. I'd rather get a phone call!

I'm old fashioned. I use a land line and I don't text.

Beyond that, I found out about Biden around midnight. Wonder how the "yes we can" screamers feel about CNN or FOX breaking the story before they got the text message?

We got home late from our son's pre-season scrimmage. I watched the Rangers go further in the tank. I watched the Cowboys win an exhibition game.

Last, but not least, I caught the news that BO had picked JB.

So much for "hope and change". (So Much For Change: Obama Picks Joe Biden)

During the Dem primaries and debates, I wrote that Joe Biden was the only adult on the stage vis-a-vis foreign policy.

Obama was simply playing to the crowd. How silly do BO's remarks about Iraq look now?

Biden voted for the war and was always against any kind of senseless withdrawal.

It's amazing. The Dems are against the war but continue to nominate people who voted for, and funded, the war. (Kerry-Edwards in 2004 and now Biden in 2008)

HRC went too far to the left to compete with BO. HRC blew her chance to be the moderate centrist surrounded by "little boys" like Obama. Instead, she rushed to the left with dashing speed by joining the anti-NAFTA crowd and rebuking most of her husband's policies, from free trade to homosexuals serving openly in the military.

Edwards was, and is, a fake.

Richardson spoke Spanish and not much more.

Dennis the K had an encounter with a spaceship.

Mike Gravel smoked too much of something in Alaska.

By any historical standard, the 2008 Dem presidential candidates was the weakest foreign policy team in history.

What would FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ say of this crowd?

Not much! They'd be voting for McCain!

Can you believe JFK supporting a Dem who equates our liberation of Iraq with Russia invading Georgia! My guess is that JFK and Truman would have slapped BO and then resigned from the Dem party. (Obama's Moral Equivalence Problem)

The Dems used to be tough on national security until the "hippy left" took over the party in 1968. They've lost 7 of 10 presidential elections since! (How the Election of 1968 Reshaped the Democratic Party By Ted Van Dyk)

In the end, BO's staff got the memo. They understand that BO can not close the deal. He is like the good looking salesman who can't pick up the check from the customers.

BO talks good. BO dresses good. But BO can't get the customer to sign the app and get the check!

He couldn't close the deal against HRC. BO is not doing it against McCain either.

Americans want change after one party has held the White House for two terms. In fact, it is very difficult for the incumbent party to win 3 in a row.

Nevertheless, Americans also want a pilot who has actually flown a plane. They just don't want someone who looks good in the uniform but has never done a landing or take off!

Biden is a good choice. He is an adult in a party that looks more and more like the "Animal House" movie.

What's the upside of Biden in 2008? He will be the leading Dem to run against Pres. McCain in 2012. McCain vs Biden! That's one adult election we could look forward to!

Dear BO: This is no way to treat the lady who beat you in every big state primary!

Today, we learned that Hillary Clinton was never seriously considered for the VP position.

Why wasn't HRC considered? See Politico:

"Obama has often said, most recently on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on July 27, that Clinton “would be on anybody’s short list.”

But apparently not his.

“She was never vetted,” a Democratic official reported.

“She was not asked for a single piece of paper.

She and Senator Obama have never had a single conversation about it.

How would he know if she’d take it?”

The official also said Clinton never met with Obama’s vetting team of Eric Holder and Caroline Kennedy.

And the official said she was never asked for medical records or for any financial 2008 information about her or former President Bill Clinton.

The last information the couple has disclosed about taxes and financial holdings was for 2007."

In the end, no one wanted to pick up Hillary's debts. (Disclosure reports show Clinton still deeply in debt)

Her husband Bill does not want to! (One reason it’s not Hillary: Debt load)

HRC's supporters aren't doing much to help pay off the debts either!

HRC got 15 million votes. How about $5 per woman to help HRC retire the debts? Wouldn't it be nice for the HRC women to help their favorite candidate?

At the end of the day, this is no way to treat a lady, specially all of those angry ladies in Denver.

The women will will go crazy when they learn that HRC was never a serious candidate for the VP spot.

BO told them that she was on the "short list" but it was not true!

The ladies are angry and it's not Bush's fault!

How refreshing to see Dems mad as hell and they are not blaming Bush or the 2000 election!

Helen Reddy recorded this many years ago. It was another story of a woman getting mistreated by a man! It must be tough to be an HRC woman these days!

"I guess it was yourself you were involved with

I would have sworn it was me

I might have found out sooner if

You'd only let me close enough to see

That ain't no way to treat a lady

No way to treat your baby

Your woman your friend

That ain't no way to treat a lady, no way

But maybe it's a way for us to end

I was only bein' a picture With all the colors I know

While you were busy looking into Wide blue mirrors and lovin' the show

There's a funny kind of consolation

Keepin' me sane And I'd really like to share it

Crawl on deep in my brain

You see the time you never felt me

Lovin' you or needin' you So leavin' you now

You still won't know how to feel the pain

I was lookin' out for my happiness

While you were looking within

And before you know your own reflection

Always starts to tire you, it's happened again"

Did BO really say that Georgia is like Iraq?

Let me get this straight. Russia went into Georgia. The US, and 36 other countries, went into Iraq.

Incredibly, BO thinks that it's all a bit of the same:

"Democrat Barack Obama scolded Russia again on Wednesday for invading another country’s sovereign territory while adding a new twist: the United States, he said, should set a better example on that front, too.

The Illinois senator’s opposition to the Iraq war, which his comment clearly referenced, is well known.

But this was the first time the Democratic presidential candidate has made a comparison between the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Russia’s recent military activity in Georgia.

“We’ve got to send a clear message to Russia and unify our allies,” Obama told a crowd of supporters in Virginia.

“They can’t charge into other countries. Of course it helps if we are leading by example on that point.” (Power Line)

Really sweet. So now Georgia is like Iraq!

This is so obscene that it should immediately disqualify BO for the presidency.

In Iraq, the US was invading a corrupt dictator who was in violation of the '91 cease fire, a dozen UN resolutions, who was shooting at US-UK planes enforcing UN resolutions and who had committed horrific crimes against his own people.

Also, let's add that Saddam had used WMDs twice in the last decade.

What cease fire is Georgia violating? Who is talking about WMDs? How many Georgians are in state prisons?

Let's not forget that Democrats overwhelmingly supported the invasion of Iraq!

How can you BO look in the eye of US soldier and say that Russia going to Georgia is like the US liberating Iraq.

We heard similar garbage in the 1984 election when some Dems tried to compare our action in Grenada with Soviet troops going into Afghanistan.

It's amazing to me.

Actually, Russia going into Georgia is like Iraq invading Kuwait.

Again, BO is amazing because he is so ignorant. I love what Rick Moran wrote: Obama's Moral Equivalence Problem!

Friday, August 22, 2008

What flight to Denver is "panic" on?

Over the new few days, there will be many Dems landing at the Denver Airport.

Question: What flight is panic on?

Even The NY Times, a.k.a The Voice of Obama, is in a bit of panic about what papers are hiding in The University of Illinois.

What surprise, or Rev. Wright, is hiding in all of those papers under lock and key?

Shouldn't we have access to these papers? Aren't we talking about a man who wants to be president of the US?

Obama's Lost Annenberg Years Coming to Light By Thomas Lifson gets into a little bit about the potential impact of making these papers public.

What was BO's relationship with Bill Ayers, the well known 1960's leftist radical who tried to bomb The Pentagon? (For the Records By Tobin Harshaw)

Joe Klein, another well know media type in the tank for BO, is now writing about the missing passion. Where did all of the "yes we can" passion go to? My guess is that the passion went out the window when BO started moving to the center and leaving all of the leftist positions back in the primaries!

Carla Marinucci, from San Francisco, writes this:

"It's not panic time - yet - but some Democrats watching Barack Obama say his campaign should have gotten a wake-up call this week, not only from his appearance with John McCain at the Saddleback Church but from a major poll suggesting he no longer leads his GOP opponent."

BO is in trouble. Everybody knows it, specially the Dems who blindly hitched their wagon to the "yes we can" pied piper!




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