Monday, June 30, 2008

What was Gen. Wes Clark thinking?

Gen. Wes Clark is one fellow full of crap. I would say something else but this is a family blog.

If Clark is concerned about executive experience, why in the world is he supporting Obama? Beyond that, McCain has been in the middle of every domestic and foreign policy decision in 20 years. McCain has been a Senate giant, who enjoys respect on both sides.

If Clark is concerned about judgement, why is he supporting a candidate who was dead wrong about the surge? It turns out that McCain was right when he supported Pres. Bush's surge in early 2007. (The Bush Paradox By DAVID BROOKS)

Wes Clark owes McCain a big apology. Also, I think that the former general just deleted his name from any consideration as Obama's VP.

P.S. Ed Morrissey nailed it:

Let’s point out a few things about Barack Obama:

In “the matter of national security policy making.” Barack Obama hasn’t ever done anything.

In the matter of gauging your “opponents”, Obama wants to meet with them without preconditions despite having no national-security, military, or diplomatic experience.

Barack Obama hasn’t been on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Barack Obama hasn’t had any executive experience.

Barack Obama hasn’t commanded anything, in wartime or not.

Barack Obama hasn’t dealt with diplomats in any capacity at all.

Barack Obama hasn’t ordered the bombs to fall, although to be fair, he has associated himself with someone who has — William Ayers."

It's true that military service does not make you a good president or candidate. However, the McCain story goes beyond wearing the uniform. Here is a great video about McCain:

How long can BO get away with this?

How enthusiastically is the media in the Obama tank? Just watch how BO responded to the 2nd amendment decision. Just watch how the media has covered BO's responses. BO agrees with the majority and the minority!

BO is good with words. The media is horrible with follow up questions:

"Name your issue -- on trade, taxes, guns, the death penalty, campaign finance reform, FISA -- Obama may well be taking the politically smart position for a Democrat in these early days of the general election.

But the point is that he's taking positions that are at least shaded differently than those he's taken in the past, if not outright flip-flops.

These are political calculations that make a dangerous assumption for Obama: that he's willing to risk being called a "politician" at all." (ABC)

To be fair, politicians will change their minds. No one is expecting a person to be inflexible.

However, we do expect politicians to hold a position for 90 days.

We've gone from "Obama is different" to "Obama will say whatever it takes to avoid the liberal label".

P.S. Speaking of the media, let me paraphrase Rick Moran. McCain faces the most biased and one sided news media in memory. The media will carry BO's water no matter what.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Congratulations to the Spanish team!

Spain beat Germany today. It was a 1-0 victory and a very good game.

Normally, I don't follow soccer because I grew up playing and following baseball and US football. However, I do appreciate the players' athleticism and the fans' passion.

Also, I have a special place in my heart for Spain, the land of my ancestors!

It's party time in Spain. I'm sure that there will be wonderful celebrations across the country.

BO should worry about Ohio and leave Mexico alone!

BO spoke before a group of Hispanic officeholders. He did the NAFTA dance again.

BO is all "hope and change" but no specifics!

BO has a PhD in telling people what they want to hear.

Once again, BO is for free trade but against free trade agreements.

BO wants free trade agreements to impose US labor and environmental standards on our economic partners.

In other words, Obama is going to tell Mexico how to run its country!

Good luck Obama!

Mexicans don't like to hear US politicians telling them how to run their country.

Beyond Dem primary politics, Obama, as well as Clinton, are showing an incredible ignorance of Mexico.

Mexico's problem is that it has too many labor standards. You can't fire people in Mexico. Mexico is burdened with horrible labor legislation that makes it difficult to compete with more flexible economies like Chile, Taiwan, South Korea and China.

Mexico does not need to buy Obama's socialism. It needs to buy Pres. Calderon's reforms, from PEMEX to labor laws.

In Mexico, hiring, maintaining and firing a worker is so costly that employers go to great lengths to avoid taking on new employees.

Again, Mexico has plenty of labor laws. This is why it can't compete in a global economy. Mexico looks like France, which is a very bad thing if you want to create jobs or attract foreign investment!

Calderon is desperately trying to reform Mexico. BO doesn't have a clue about Mexico.

My suggestion to BO is simple: Leave the Mexicans alone and concentrate on our problems.

Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey and New York look more and more like states in need of tax cuts and deregulation. They are exhibits of what happens when you don't pay attention to economic reality. Again, can you say France?

Taxes are high.

The unions are out of control.

Unemployment is high.

And, last but not least, the young people want to get the heck out.

The Self-Inflicted Economic Death of Ohio By CHESTER E. FINN JR. is worth reading:

"Ohio already has the fifth-heaviest state and local tax burden in the country (up from 30th in 1990) and finds itself stagnating.

Its unemployment rate, 6.3%, is above the national rate of 5.5%, even as the state's work force shrinks as people emigrate.

Ohio's median household income is also falling – in 2006 it was $44,500, down 0.5% from the previous year – while the national figure ($48,500) was up 1.6%.

During the closing decades of the 20th century, incomes rose twice as fast across the country as in Ohio."

Do you understand why so many of these companies are moving to Texas and the south?

In Texas v. Ohio, we learn this:

"Let's start with the fact that Texas's growth puts the lie to the myth that free trade costs American jobs.

Anti-Nafta rhetoric doesn't play well in El Paso, San Antonio and Houston, which have become gateway cities for commerce with Latin America and have flourished since the North American Free Trade Agreement passed Congress in 1993.

Mr. Obama's claim of one million lost jobs due to trade deals is laughable in Texas, the state most affected by Nafta.

Texas has gained 36,000 manufacturing jobs since 2004 and has ranked as the nation's top exporting state for six years in a row.

Its $168 billion of exports in 2007 translate into tens of thousands of jobs. Ohio, Indiana and Michigan are losing auto jobs, but many of these "runaway plants" are not fleeing to China, Mexico or India.

They've moved to more business-friendly U.S. states, including Texas."

Here is my message to BO and Hillary Clinton: Stop telling Mexico how to run its country. Stop preaching to the world about environmental standards.

Start telling the people of Ohio, and PA, and NJ, and NY, and Michigan, the truth.

Tell them that high taxes and irresponsible unions are the real culprit behind their collapse.

Also, be honest enough to remind them that the irresponsible unions are supporting Obama!

Hamilton and Kinsler should start! Young and Bradley must be there, too! (My annual beef with fans picking the All Star team!)

Commissioner Bowie Kuhn was in the middle of a players' strike, free agency and he approved giving the fans the last word on choosing the All Star teams.

Sorry. I don't want Yankees and Red Sox to fill up the All Star team.

Let the players, and a selected group of sports reporters, select the starting team and the reserves. I'm OK with letting the manager pick the pitchers.

Look at the current "popularity contest" in the AL squad.

Manny Ramirez is # 1 and Ichiro is # 3. They are great players indeed. Should they be starting in the 2008 AL outfield? The answer is no!

Josh Hamilton and Milton Bradley are having great years. Hamilton should make it. Bradley may not.

Ian Kinsler is hitting .313 but trails in the voting!

Tradition matters. I'm OK with adding a veteran, such as Henry Aaron in the 1975 Milwaukee All Star game. I'm OK with playing a veteran who is retiring, such as Cal Ripken in 2001.

However, the All Star game is no longer an exhibition. It decides home field advantage in the World Series.

Winning matters so let the best guys play!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pregnant teen girls is a national tragedy!

It must be a parents' nightmare. In Massachusetts, a bunch of teen girls made a deal to get pregnant. I'm sure that you've heard about it because it's all over the news.

What's happening in our society that a bunch of teen girls decide to get pregnant? What's so cool about a bunch of teen girls doing this?

The answer is simple: We have accepted illegitimacy. It is no longer wrong to have a baby out of a wedlock.

Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist and author of Save the Males: Why Men Matter; Why Women Should Care.

"Here’s one: Where’s Dad? Not the “fathers” of these unfortunate pre-borns, but the fathers of these pregnant girls.

Where, in other words, is the shotgun?

Back in the day when birth control and abortion weren’t readily available to high-school kids, fathers were pretty good deterrents to pregnancy.

Boys knew they’d have kneecap problems if they got daddy’s little girl pregnant.

If they were lucky, they’d be married by the morning after."

Not long ago, a young man had to deal with the consequences of getting a young woman pregnant.

Yes, one of those consequences was a very angry father with a shotgun and a big brother looking to beat the crap out of you.

I recall my dad saying this: The good news is that you will probably get a wife. The bad news is that her dad will kill you before the wedding.

It's time to get serious about what we are doing to our society and teenagers.

Babies are wonderful things. They are a gift from God. They were meant for married couples not teenage girls.

Our "anything goes" culture plays a big part in this.

Weekend humor: BO can make corn pop!

Obama can do anything. Obama will fix every problem.

Obama even makes corn pop!

If Obama can make corn pop then think of what he will do he sits down for a chat with Iran!

Allapundit has a good question: Is this the first Obama miracle of the season?

My question: When will he walk on Lake Michigan?

Friday, June 27, 2008

How long before the "yes we can" screamers say that this Obama is not the old Obama!

Obama is turning out to be rather predictable. He used to be about "hope and change". Today, he is more like running to the center-right.

They are noticing it all over the media! (CBS’s Greenfield: Obama’s ‘Relentless March to The Center’)

The Messiah is a politician after all!

He counts votes!

He reads polls!

My question is this: How long before the "yes we can" screamers call time out and walk to the mound for a chat with the pitcher! The guy on the mound is now shaking off all of the catcher's signals!

Obama: Change agent goes conventional By won't please those who bet their lunch money that their guy was really different:

"Barack Obama has crafted an image as an unconventional candidate, a change agent and a post-partisan politician who represents a dramatic break from the status quo.

But since securing the Democratic presidential nomination, when confronted with a series of thorny issues the Illinois senator has pursued a conspicuously conventional path, one that falls far short of his soaring rhetoric.

Faced with tough choices on fronts ranging from public financing and town hall meetings to warrantless surveillance and the Second Amendment, Obama passed up opportunities to take bold stands and make striking departures from customary politics.

Instead, he has followed a familiar tack, straddling controversial issues and choosing politically advantageous routes that will ensure his campaign a cash edge and minimize damaging blowback on several highly sensitive issues."

This is not the Obama that we used to know!

This is the Obama who knows that you can't win a general election by courting left wing voters.

This is the new Obama who is trying to be on both sides of today's Supreme Court decision. (Where Has Obama Been on the Unconstitutional DC Handgun Ban?)

This is the new Obama who is dancing around FISA and NAFTA.

Again, Obama knows that he went too far to the left in the primaries. He is desperately trying to move to the right.

Will it work? I guess that it depends on Dems.

How badly do the Dems want to win? Do they want to win by voting for someone who doesn't stand for anything?

How many Dems want to get thrown under Obama's bus on the way to victory? (The Ever-Malleable Mr. Obama By Charles Krauthammer)

Sooner or later, the "yes we can" screamers will start listening to BO's new "move me to the center" rhetoric. Eventually, they will notice that Obama is not the same guy that they cheered for back in the good old days of "hope and change"!

It seems like decades since BO said "vote for me because I'm a proud liberal"!

Today, BO is reading John Fund!

BO is paying special attention to Fund's message:

"After all, it isn't easy for Democrats to win in a two-person race for president.

Since FDR's last victory in 1944, only one Democrat – Lyndon Johnson in 1964 – has won 50.1% or more of the popular vote.

Both of Bill Clinton's victories were aided by Ross Perot's presence on the ballot."

Perot won't be on the ballot in 2008. So BO is moving to the center-right because that's where the voters are!

Unfortunately for BO, that's not where the Dem primary voters are.

Again: How long before the "yes we can" screamers say that this is not the same Obama that we used to know?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

McCain is best for Mexico and Latin America

Our southern neighbors don't get to vote in US elections. However, they are impacted by what happens up here.

Mexico and Latin America need McCain. Let me tell you why:

1) McCain understands free trade. He understands that Mexico and Latin America need to come out of the hole created by statism and socialist policies. (By the way, Calderon understands the same thing. This is why he is trying to reform monopolies like PEMEX)

Mexico and Lat America are big economic underachievers. You can blame misguided nationalism and protectionist policies.

Free trade will force Mexico and Latin America to join the world economy and reverse those policies. In the short run, it will be tough. In the long run, it will modernize Lat American economies.

Again, look at South Korea, Ireland and even Chile.

Obama can't go the distance on free trade. Why? Because the US labor unions will not allow a Dem president to promote free trade.

During the Clinton years, the unions were furious over NAFTA. The net result was the Nader campaign of 2000, or 4 million liberals who walked away because of free trade. Just read Michael Moore's letter to VP Gore in 2000!

2) McCain understands the national security implications of the cartel war in Mexico and Chavez vs Uribe. On the other hand, Pres. Bush's Mexico plan is stuck in the Dem Congress. Also, the Colombian Free Trade Agreement is stuck because Speaker Pelosi won't bring it to a vote. (Is she afraid that the bill will pass?)

McCain wants to put the reputation of the US behind responsible leaders like Calderon and Uribe. Obama wants unconditional conversations with Chavez and Raul Castro.

3) McCain is credible on immigration. He understands that we need reform and border security. Again, we don't know where BO stands because it changes depending on what audience he is addressing.

On immigration, the Dems have talked a big game but done nothing since taking over the Congress in 2006. Why? Because immigration reform is a huge problem for Dem constituencies, such as the unions.

The Dems loved "immigration reform" as long as they were sitting in the minority blaming a Republican president and Congress.

It's a lot more complicated now that they have to decide. Again, what has the Pelosi/Reid Congress done about immigration? Can you say "nada" or nothing!

In conclusion, the Lat Am left is in love with Obama. However, the Lat Am middle class should fall in love with McCain.

By the way, BO is already playing games with his NAFTA position. What will Obama say about NAFTA today? It depends were he is! Like Hillary Clinton, Obama is playing games with NAFTA. (Obama fumbles NAFTA)

Can Mexico and Latin American trust a Dem who tells people what they want to hear?

McCain has an energy plan!

John McCain has a simple energy plan:

"Therefore, if I am elected president, I will set this nation on a course to building 45 new reactors by the year 2030.

And I will set the goal of 100 new plants to power the homes and factories and cities of America.

This task will be as difficult as it is necessary.

We will need to recover all the knowledge and skills that have been lost over three stagnant decades in a highly technical field.

As Nevadans are well aware, we will need to solve complex problems of moving and storing materials that will always need safeguarding.

We will need to do all of these things, and do them right, as we have done great things before" (Remarks by John McCain on his Comprehensive Plan for Energy Security )

What is BO proposing? He is saying "no" to everything:

BO's green "hope and change"

BO is all "hope and change". However, he is starting to look like another very liberal senator.

IBD reminds us of Obama's Corn Fake:

"Barack Obama says he represents change.

He also criticizes John McCain for trying to drill our way to energy independence to add to the profits of Big Oil.

But it's Obama who's playing politics by trying to plant our way to energy independence, buying votes with alternative fuel subsidies that benefit ethanol producers such as Archer Daniels Midland.

ADM is based in Illinois, the second-largest corn-producing state.

Not long after arriving in the U.S. Senate, Obama flew twice on corporate jets owned by the nation's largest ethanol producer.

Imagine if McCain flew on the corporate jets of Exxon Mobil."

Show your support for US troops on July 4th! has a simple mission:

"Move America Forward is a non-partisan, not-for-profit charitable organization committed to supporting America’s efforts to defeat terrorism and supporting the brave men and women of our Armed Forces."

Please do your part:

Between now and June 26th we're asking Americans to sponsor care packages as part of a mass shipment to our troops - just in time for the 4th of July holiday!"

Again, do your part!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A video response to and baby Alex!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my response to the "baby Alex" ad: How sick is the American left!

In the ad, a young mother tells McCain that he can't have her baby! It was a horrible misrepresentation of what McCain said.

Also, it overlooks how we fill our military ranks.

Our soldiers are volunteers. They've been volunteers since Pres. Nixon ended the draft in the mid-70s.

So, what happens if baby Alex volunteers to serve, as did Cindy Sheehan's son or my friend Nathan Aguirre?

Memo to We have lots of young men who believe that serving in the military is a good way of protecting their country.

In A Call to Selfishness ('s outrageous new ad) by Libby Sternberg, we read this:

"Please, Alex's mom, don't homeschool your child. Your social studies lessons might leave something to be desired.

It should be clear by now that Sen. McCain's "100 years" comment referred to peaceful base operations such as those we have in other parts of the world, not to a century-long war.

So Alex's mom either doesn't pay attention to the news, has a problem with the military in general or with a President McCain in particular--or all of the above."

Alex's mom is really anti-McCain, which is not surprising since this ad is paid for by and the unions!

Alex's mom is a mouthpiece for, the same organization that tried to destroy Gen. Petraeus in 2007.

She is also a mouthpiece for the unions, the same unions that want to promote protectionism and do not allow any reforms in public educations.

The unions are supporting Obama because they want to protect their monopoly over public schools. The unions love children as long as they attend their schools.

Obama, Kerry, Gore and the Clintons send their children to private schools. They love public education for everybody except their children!

The good news is that the "baby Alex" ad backfired, which is why you are not seeing it on TV anymore.

You will see more of another video.

This is mother who loves her sons, too.

She is also smart enough to know that freedom is not cheap.

She understands that US soldiers, not the UN, protect our country.

Her name is Ania Egland, who was born in a communist country and understand repression better than any stupid liberal who talks about the Bush "police state".

Ania is Major Eric Egland's wife, the hero of "The straight story."

Thank you Ania. Thank you for doing this video. Congratulations to Eric and Ania for having such a wonderful family! Thank you for your service and sacrifice!

Can this girl hit a major league slider?

OK. It's not true.

Nevertheless, it is a heck of a video from a minor league game!

I guess that this ball girl must be related to SpiderMan!

To be honest, most ball girls are selected because they have nice legs. At least, that's what we do here in Texas.

Who was the first ball girl? I don't know for sure. However, I recall that the Cubs had this very pretty ball girl back in the 1980s. (Marla Collins Was The Major League's First Ballgirl)

The Cubs, and Harry Caray, went all over the country because of WGN over cable. Marla went along with them!

We salute ball girls! They've added some beauty to the game!

BO: From "Vero Possumus" to "Caveat emptor"

William J. Bennett is the host of Morning in America and Seth Leibsohn is the show’s producer. I try to listen to them as often as possible. It is very good and the best of the daily talk shows!

Today, they published an article on why BO is the wrong man to lead the US. It is very specific.

It deals with specific policies. The media should take this article and challenge BO's policies. So far, the national media is just in the tank for BO!

"1. Barack Obama’s foreign policy is dangerous, na├»ve, and betrays a profound misreading of history.

2. Barack Obama’s Iraq policy will hand al-Qaeda a victory and undercut our entire position in the Middle East, while at the same time put a huge source of oil in the hands of terrorists.

3. Barack Obama has sent mixed, confusing, and inconsistent messages on his policy toward Israel.

4. While his Mideast policy may have been the quickest turnaround or flip-flop on a major issue, it is not the only one. In the primary campaign, Barack Obama consistently campaigned against NAFTA, but has now changed his tune, as he has with other issues.

5. Barack Obama’s judgment about personal and professional affiliations is more than troubling.

6. Obama is simply out of step with how terrorists should be handled; he would turn back the clock on how we fight terrorism, using the failed strategy of the 1990s as opposed to the post-9/11 strategy that has kept us safe.

7. Barack Obama’s economic policies would hurt the economy.

8. Barack Obama opposes drilling on and offshore to reduce gas and oil prices.

9. Barack Obama is to the left of Hillary Clinton and NARAL on the issue of life.

10. Barack Obama is actually to the left of every member of the U.S. Senate."

This is a very good article. It clearly shows that BO is on the wrong side of history.

In fact, BO is everything that has gone wrong with the Dems since 1968!

P.S. Over the weekend, BO introduced a seal. The guys over at Power Line did their own little research into Latin:

"The Latin motto that springs to mind -- to my mind anyway -- is the familiar maxim "Caveat emptor" ("Let the buyer beware"). "

Yes, "let the buyer beware" is what you should learn from BO's campaign of unspecific hope and change!

Tuesday's show: Women for McCain

Adryana Boyne joined us to talk about why she is supporting John McCain. She will be attending the Republican convention as a Texas delegate. Check out the Texas delegation because they are the ones with the cowboy hats and western outfits!

We spoke about family values, such as abortion and children. Adryana is also active with Concerned Women for America, a very successful ladies' conservative group.

Enjoy the show. You can click here for the show or go to the icon to the left.

Thank you Adryana, the Latina Republicana!

P.S. Speaking of abortion, let me recommend that you click Rachel's Vineyard, one of our favorite places!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

McCain-Romney is still the best ticket!

Matt has a couple of good ideas, such as letting Obama pick first. Frankly, McCain does not have to make his choice until the convention, and ours comes second this year!

There is also talk about putting a woman on the ticket. Ed Morissey writes about our Senator Hutchinson, Carly Fiorina, the very successful businesswoman, and Sarah Palinthe, the governor of Alaska.

I agree that they are very successful and attractive candidates.

My money is still on Romney. He is well known and there are no surprises in his closet. He has very strong ties in the business community. Better than that, he may deliver Michigan, where his father was governor 35 years ago!

Romney's economic message is exactly what McCain needs. It helps that Romney is a good speaker and can debate anybody.

So let' s stick with Romney!

Success and media silence in Iraq!

David Brooks nailed it:

"But before long, the more honest among the surge opponents will concede that Bush, that supposed dolt, actually got one right.

Some brave souls might even concede that if the U.S. had withdrawn in the depths of the chaos, the world would be in worse shape today."

Translation: McCain was right in early 2007. On the other hand, Obama was telling supporters what they wanted to hear.

Yes, let's talk about judgement! Who made the right call in early 2007? It wasn't Obama, who seemed too eager to go along with the defeatist crowd and repeat the popular wisdom.

If we had followed the Obama approach, Iraq would be a disaster today. Furthermore, we would be involved in an bigger fight with an emboldened Iran.

So let's give Bush some credit. Let's be honest.

P.S. Have you noticed how Iraq has faded from the front pages? Iraq is going well and the media is no longer interested in the story. (War Coverage Fades Away)

The new RNC ad!

This is a wonderful new RNC ad. This is great stuff. The voice is Fred Thompson.

What happens if BO is not the Messiah?

In a couple of decisions, BO has shown his devoted followers that no one is exempt from getting thrown under the bus.

His grandmother got thrown under the bus.

The church was vital to his life until it wasn't.

FISA was great before liberals until it wasn't before a more conservative general election audience.

And, of course, public financing was great until he was flooded with cash.

Again, I'm not naive. I expect politicians to be focused on winning. I understood all along that "lefty" BO would eventually have to move to the center or face a massive defeat in November.

What concerns me about BO is that he has raised expectations to an unreasonable level.

In fact, there are people out there who actually think that he will bring the troops home, make peace with Iran by talking with them and bring down the price of gasoline by taxing those evil and terrible oil companies!

Memo to the "yes we can" screamers:

You are in for the biggest disappointment since your favorite lost The American Idol contest.

The Dangers of a Messianic Campaign by Michael Medved should be required reading for all of those "yes we can" screamers. They should pay special attention to this:

"The prestigious British weekly The Economist recently ran an editorial commentary speculating on the direction of a potential Obama administration.

After pointing out that the Democratic candidate relied more and more on centrist, Clintonite advisers, The Economist still warned about the inflated expectations of “change” surrounding Obama’s campaign.

“The ambition of Obama’s team is exciting,” the editorial declared, “but in office it could be dangerous…. The lynchpin of his campaign has been a faith, almost messianic, in his personal excellence. If that fades, the whole operation could collapse in frustration and disillusionment.”

The Obama candidacy, in other words, highlights the risks in building a cause around a charismatic individual, rather than issues or principles.

The longer the candidate avoids concrete commitments on issues or declarations of principle, the greater those risks become."

BO's support is based on two factors:

First, a lot of spoiled young people who don't appreciate how good life is in the US. These young people want BO to provide them with college loans and to fill their empty souls.

Frankly, these young people should try to find happiness in their church rather than at the BO rally.

Better than that, McCain should tell these youngsters to get a job and stop whining. Half of the world doesn't have drinking water and US young people are complaining about interest rates on college loans.

Second, this is a lot more of Bush Derangement Syndrome. They hate Bush. They hate Bush. And they hate Bush.

Get ready for Obama Disappointment Syndrome.

It will start next spring when BO tells the anti-war movement that he can't withdraw troops because Iran will read it as a sign of US weakness.

In other words, Bush was right but Obama doesn't have the courage to admit it.

It will continue when BO tells the left that he can't "tax the rich" because it will drive investors out of the market, or to other world markets.

Every liberal should pray for a McCain victory. Why? Because they will be happier blaming McCain for everything rather than having to deal with the reality that Barrack Obama is a fraud.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The "seal" is gone!

The Obama presidential seal was put back in the box. My guess is that we won't see it again, other than on some future Saturday Night Live show.

Am I the only one who thought that the seal was a bit too big? The real seal is about the size of a dinner plate. BO's seal was like a big pizza platter!

Also, who thought of the Latin?

Nevertheless, why the seal?

A little arrogance? Of course!

Too much money? Perhaps.

We should remember that Obama has tons of cash sitting in the bank and lots of consultants writing invoices.

Tone deaf about symbols? Absolutely. The left is tone deaf about US symbols. They don't get the idea that these symbols mean something more than some "title to the presidency".

Finally, the BO staff is desperately trying to make this guy presidential.

The Rasmussen poll has this:

"Today, 67% see him as politically liberal including 36% who say he is Very Liberal."

".....voters also express doubts about the Illinois senator's experience and ability to handle the job of commander in chief. A 54% majority of those surveyed are concerned Obama lacks the experience to be an effective president.

A similar number say he "may be too closely aligned with people who hold radical political views."

Do you understand the move to the center now?

The BO staff knows that they have a problem. BO isn't closing the sale. He didn't close it in the Dem primaries. He limped to the finish line!

The seal will be gone. However, you can expect a lot more "Kansas values" commercials.

Will people buy it? I don't think so. I don't think that anyone in Kansas would have stayed in Rev. Wight's church for 20 years!

A word about Pres. Bush!

In exactly 7 months, Pres. Bush and Mrs. Bush will fly back to Crawford to start their post-presidential lives. My guess is that we will see Pres. & Mrs. Bush at Rangers' games and working on the presidential library at SMU.

It's always hard to predict how historians will look back at a president. GW Bush is putting the final touches on the most consequential presidency since Truman. Like Truman, he made very hard decisions.

After all, I can still remember how most liberals thought that Reagan was a moron, a cowboy, an idiot and someone who did not get along with our allies. Today, Reagan ranks at the most successful president since FDR.

What about Pres. Truman? He left office with 22% approval and today is rated as one of our greatest presidents. Andrew Roberts has a nice post about all of this: History will say that we misunderestimated George W Bush!

What about Pres. Lincoln? Was there a more hated man than Abe Lincoln during his presidency? Today, he looks pretty good. Back in 1864, he didn't look very good! (The more things change, the more things stay the same (Civil War Edition))

How will history recall Pres. GW Bush? It will be very kind to Bush.

I agree with Ed Koch, a liberal who supported Bush in 2004:

"The reason I believe history will redeem President George W. Bush is that he is one of the few leaders on the planet today who understands the larger picture.

He has not lost his courage and vision of the future.

He knows what calamities await the world if it engages in appeasement and deserts an ally in order to buy an illusory peace.

We will recognize his worth long after he is gone."

Bush's presidency started on a controversial note, i.e. VP Gore decided to challenge the Florida results.

The recount was terribly divisive. It did not change anything, except that it started an irrational hatred toward Bush that continues today.

On the positive side, Pres. Bush has met challenges head on, such as the fight against terrorists and the removal of Saddam Hussein.

On the economy, the Bush tax cuts were critical in turning around an economy stung by the March 2000 stock market crash and the tragic events of 9-11. Let's repeat it: Bush inherited a Clinton recession that began in mid-2000!

IBD has a great editorial called Bashers Beware:

"As for national security, Obama keeps saying the war in Iraq and the rest of the administration's foreign and defense policy have, as he put it last week in South Dakota, "prevented us from making this country safe."

But the country is safer than anyone expected after 9/11."

So save this post. I am confident that time will prove me right.

In the meantime. the war seems to be going rather well. (Win the War?)

By the way, this is my favorite moment of the Bush presidency. He goes to Yankee Stadium and throws a perfect strike!

Why is Obama playing the race card?

In this blog, we have never discussed Obama's race. We did congratulate him on the historical significance of being the first black man to win a major party's nomination.

Beyond that, we have simply concentrated on his positions. We oppose his candidacy because he is the most liberal senator in Washington. (Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007)

We oppose him because he is all style and little substance. Obama's "hope and change" is nothing but old liberal ideas repackaged for a young and naive audience.

BO went over the top this weekend:

"“The choice is clear.

Most of all we can choose between hope and fear.

It is going to be very difficult for Republicans to run on their stewardship of the economy or their outstanding foreign policy.

We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run.

They’re going to try to make you afraid.

They’re going to try to make you afraid of me.

He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?"" (Hewitt)

Obama is dead wrong.

First of all, we didn't say that he was inexperienced. The Dems said that:

We didn't bring up the "black" issue. It was Bill and Hillary Clinton who did that:

We didn't make up anything about Obama's reckless foreign policy. We just repeated what he said about meeting unconditionally with rogue states:

Obama should apologize for his reckless remarks. No one is talking about Obama's race. What we are talking about is that he is a liberal who does not understand national security or economics.

P.S. I should add that it was a Hillary Clinton staffer who sent the photo of Obama in African garb to the Drudge Report.




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