Saturday, May 31, 2008

BO's supporters are politically tone deaf

Take note of BO's supporters and their reaction to the latest outburst from the pulpit. This is what they are saying:

1) Obama is not responsible for crazy clergy in his church.

2) Obama is not responsible that some of his political friends tried to blow up buildings. He just hangs around with them when he is seeking public office.

3) Obama is not responsible that people cheer racist statements in his church. He just sees these people every Sunday!

After all, BO is just a member of the church. He just sat there for 20 years! Doesn't everybody wear ear plugs to church anyway? How can we expect someone to actually listen to what they are saying in his church?

Sorry. It doesn't add up.

We can choose our church. We can choose to walk out and find another church. Also, we don't have to contribute $20,000 to that church.

Why didn't Obama go behind the microphone and blast his fellow congregation for cheering these racist remarks?

Is he afraid to confront people? Isn't this man tough enough to stand for something? Again, who is looking out for the young people of that church?

What we are seeing here is another example of political tone deafness. BO's supporters can not hear what so many people find offensive. Can you say West Virginia and Kentucky?

I guess that this is what happens when you spend your entire life hanging around with left wing ideologues!

"Furthermore, it is evident that in return for their support, Obama used his position as state senator and board member for the Woods Foundation to funnel public and private money into the coffers of these radical groups thus cementing a relationship that is still paying dividends for Obama to this day.

The New Party, ACORN, and the Arab American Action Network are not by any stretch of the imagination mainstream political or social organizations.

They are radical anti-capitalist, pro-Marxist, and in the case of the AAAN a group supporting the terrorist activities of the Palestinians."

Who said what about WMD's in Iraq?

Scott McClellan's book has reopened the old case about Iraq and WMDs. Therefore, let's set the record straight. As they say, just look at the video:

In the meantime, let's thank former Sen. Dole for writing this about the book and its despicable author:

""There are miserable creatures like you in every administration who don’t have the guts to speak up or quit if there are disagreements with the boss or colleagues," Dole wrote in a message sent yesterday morning.

"No, your type soaks up the benefits of power, revels in the limelight for years, then quits, and spurred on by greed, cashes in with a scathing critique."

Bob Dole is a war hero. He was a great senator. We thank him for writing this about McClellan.

Gov Richardson is right about Mexico

Mexico needs help to fight cartels. They are not asking for US GI's. We are simply talking about providing Mexican soldiers with better equipment to fight a terrible war.

"Richardson said Mexican President Felipe Calderon deserved support in his aggressive fight against drug cartels, including deploying 25,000 troops to hotspots across the country.

He said Mexico was in critical need of more resources for that fight, noting a string of attacks against police that have left several top commanders dead.

"It is important that the Senate and House resolve their differences because it would be disastrous if Plan Merida went down the tube," Richardson said in an interview with The Associated Press."

We always appreciate Dem sanity whenever we see it.

It's nice to hear a Dem talking about doing something other than issuing a subpoena for Karl Rove, "taxing the rich" or starting impeachment proceedings against Bush or Cheney.

Gov. Richardson is a border governor and he knows the mess that the US-Mexico border is.

All you have to do is look south for a minute and see that there is a war going on! (The Drug Wars' Body Counts Continue To Mount in Mexico By Allan Wall)

Good job Gov. Richardson. At the same time, good luck trying to change your party because they are in the pockets of the trade unions!

Down in Mexico, Pres. Calderon, and brave Mexican soldiers and policemen, are fighting a very difficult war.

Up here, Obama and Clinton are telling Ohio and PA voters that Mexico stole their jobs.

Drill here for oil

Look to the left. You will see a blinking message:

Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.

As Newt Gingrich demonstrates, this is an energy crisis created in Washington.

We have made it impossible to drill for oil, to build new refineries or to start nuclear plants.

The Dems are now demonizing oil companies. They are blaming everyone but the real culprit, the extreme environmentalism that dominates our energy policies.

Yes, we want to protect the environment. At the same time, we want to continue growing.

Yes, we want alternative energy. At the same time, gasoline is the only thing that will run your car in the near future.

Let's increase our supply by drilling here.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Obama does not have a clue about Iraq!

The Obama campaign is now trying to explain what he said now and what he said before.

At the end of the day, we are seeing two problems with Obama:

1) First, he can't admit that things are going well in Iraq. Why? The left will turn on him.

2) He has not been to Iraq since 2006. He has not talked to any of the commanders on the ground.

Obama is slowly demonstrating that he is not suitable for framing!

O'Reilly and Hayes nail McClellan!

Bill O'Reilly has the best line on this book: "Wow. What a difference a year and cash can make"

Stephen Hayes wrote "No kidding":

"We weren't interested in a book that was just a defense of the Bush administration." Peter Osnos, founder of PublicAffairs books and publisher of Scott McClellan's new book. More here."

The angry left is out of control. They are emboldened and see blood in the water.

Last, but not least, they are going to go after Pres. Obama if he fails to deliver on their agenda.

Just wait: Wait until a Pres. Obama tells this crowd that he can't withdraw troops from Iraq as quickly as he promised them.

Trust me. It's coming: "Obama lied, people continue to die"

Just wait: Wait until a Pres. Obama tells them that he can't "tax the rich" without throwing the US economy into a massive recession.

The Dems have brought this on themselves. They've cultivated this culture of irresponsible Bush bashing and intolerance.

In the end, the angry left will consume the Dems!

P.S. This is why I keep telling my Dem friends, specially those who are not part of this angry left:

Pray for a McCain victory.

At least, you can sit in the bleachers and blame everything on Pres. McCain.

BO: Ready to do what on Day One?

Dean Barnett fills in for Hugh Hewitt from time to time. He is the fellow with that wonderful New England accent. It's always so easy to tell when Barnett is doing the show.

Today, Barnett analyzed BO's campaign "confusion" regarding meeting with some of the world's bad guys:

"It’s rather amazing that Obama can’t distinguish between direct presidential diplomacy and sending a Bill Richardson-type shlub to chat with a dictator.

It’s even more amazing that as wrong as he is, he still thinks he’s the only person out there with a proper understanding of this corner of diplomatic history."

Yes, it is amazing. Aren't we talking about this guy running for president of the US?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

How in the world can Obama still be a member of this church?

Obama has conveniently distanced himself from Rev. Wright. However, his church has not distanced itself from insane remarks and politics from the pulpit.

This is Father Michael Pfleger, a Catholic priest in the Chicago area. He is saying some rather amazing things:

"Pfleger argues that whites must give up their 401(k) money in order to have any hope of atoning for the sins of their ancestors.

He also maintains that Hillary Clinton's unhappiness over losing out to Obama is specifically related to his race.

In other words, Clinton would have been less distraught had, say, John Edwards bested her. In this account, of course, Clinton is a racist." (Power Line)

First of all, the Chicago-area Bishop needs to sit down with Fr. Pfleger and bring him down to earth. Priests are not supposed to say these things. This is absurd. Do you remember the late Pope John Paul II getting in a priest's face in Nicaragua about political comments? Somebody has to do the same with Fr. Pfleger!

As a Catholic, I am appalled that a priest would say this. I have never heard such words from a priest before!

Second, who is looking out for the kids in that audience? Should they be hearing this garbage from the pulpit?

Who is looking out for the kids at Obama's church? Obama isn't.

Third, why is Obama still a member of this church? What in the world is he going to say now?

Check the video. This is what the kids are hearing at Obama's church:

The book that will make Scott McClellan a quick dollar!

Before you go out and invest $27 to pre-order Scott McClellan's book, please consider this:

1) Remember the Greenspan book hype; and,

2) This book will be "on sale" for $3.99 in a very short time.

In fact, it will probably be a "giveaway" soon if you contribute to's next ad against McCain!

Or, it will be a "giveaway" if you renew your NY Times' subscription! The NY Times is desperately keeping every subscriber! They had a pretty big drop in circulation last year!

Trust me: Save your money. Take your wife out to dinner. It will be a far better investment. She will appreciate it more.

Besides, why support a left wing publisher hyping a wimp's book in the middle of an election? (McClellan's Publisher a Liberal: Advances Soros & Slams Limbaugh)

A few months ago, we were treated to a weekend of "publisher hype" about the upcoming Greenspan book that was supposed to blow up the Bush administration.

A lot of "anti-war suckers" pre-ordered the expensive hard cover edition and learned that the hype and the book were not the same thing.

These are probably the "fools" who are now selling "used editions" on Amazon at whatever they can get.

In fact, Greenspan turned out to be a strong supporter of the war. Go back and watch the "60 minutes" interview!

Hang another one on Bush Derangement Syndrome.

It's amazing what some people will do just to get their dose of Bush Bashing!

Some of these people will drink poison if you tell them it's a new drink called "I hate Bush" Cola!

First, a word about Pres. GW Bush. The good news is that he is a very decent man who is loyal to the bone. The bad news is the same as the good news.

His dad had the same problem. Very loyal and often betrayed by people who stabbed them for a quick dollar.

Bush, like his dad, will have the last laugh. The senior Bush's library at Texas A&M is a big hit. The current Bush's library, soon to open at SMU in Dallas, will be a big hit, too.

The critics, who burned loyalty and went for the quick dollar, will be desperately trying to make up.

Second, a word about McLellan.

He replaced Ari Fletcher, a pretty good press secretary. Unfortunately, McClellan turned out to be a failure on the job.

For a couple of years, most of us blasted the White House for allowing McClellan to do these daily news conferences. McClellan looked out of his league everyday. He looked like a AA hitter overwhelmed by major league pitching!

Eventually, he was fired and replaced by Tony Snow, an excellent choice who left early because of health reasons.

Third, a word about making money. I'm a capitalist and free market person. Yet, do you make money by stabbing a friend? I don't think so.

Scott McClellan will have his 15 minutes of fame. For a couple of weeks, McClellan will be an expert on everything, from foreign policy to presidential history.

The left wing media loves books about former Republicans bashing the boss, even if they do it because they can't find work and need a quick buck!

The left wing media loves to tell you that Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq. They always forget to tell you that Bill Clinton and Al Gore looked at the evidence and came to the same conclusion. In fact, Pres. Clinton even ordered a 4-day bombing of Iraq to destroy Saddam's WMDs! Read the speech or watch the video. Clinton sounds a lot like Bush or Bush sounds a lot like Clinton!

Here is the truth: McClellan will be the darling of the left and make an appearance on left wing shows like Keith Oberman.

The bad news is that Oberman will promote every anti-Bush angle.

The good news is that no one watches Oberman or MSNBC. (FOXNEWS #1 For the 77th consecutive month... )

The left will eventually throw him overboard when the book is released and reality does not match the hype. Also, the media will dispose of McClellan when he turns out to be wimpy guest who can't speak well or present a coherent argument.

Again, why do you think so many of us wanted him fired in the first place?

Sadly, he has walked away from the people who stood with him and supported his career. (Ex-Colleagues Ask, 'What Happened?')

Furthermore, is McClellan telling the truth? JAY NORDLINGER raises a few doubts! My guess is that a lot of people will raise these questions as the facts catch up with McClellan's desire for a quick buck!

Who is proud of Scott McClellan this morning? I am not.

In the end, McClellan turned out the wimp that we thought that he was all along. He looked wimpish in front of the press. He did not have the guts to tell anyone in the White House about his alleged misgivings.

Again, I am not very proud of Scott McClellan.

Moral of the story: Don't keep wimps on your staff. They will eventually wimp out on you for a quick dollar!

Just watch this great video:

I'm still hoping for McCain-Romney

According to historians, LBJ was critical in JFK's very tight victory in 1960. After all, JFK beat Nixon by 114,000 votes out of 76 million!

Did LBJ help JFK in Texas? Probably. Did LBJ help JFK in Chicago? Probably, although Mayor Dailey played a big role in Chicago's controversial vote count!

Outside of LBJ, has any other VP nominee helped the candidate? I can't think of any.

Why Romney?

First, he is a the credible president. It helps a lot to be seen as a man who can assume the office.

Second, he is a conservative. It helps McCain to do that.

Third, he has the kind of private sector experience that will play well in a year when people are looking for outsiders.

McCain-Romney should propose domestic policies like these:

1) Keep the Bush tax cuts. Are the Dems seriously going to run a campaign based on "taxing the rich"? They should talk to Mondale before doing that.

2) School choice. It's time for the Republican party to line up with inner city families and break up the public education monopoly.

3) Justices who respect the constitution rather than rewrite it. Can you say same sex marriage in California?

4) No more earmarks. The "spending culture" must be blown up.

5) A balanced budget amendment.

6) Family values.

Romney will also bring some youth (he's 60) to the ticket and connections in the private sector.

Give me McCain-Romney. I called for this ticket back in July 2007! This is Gov. Romney's great speech before CPAC in March:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Josh Hamilton is what baseball (and young kids) need!

Major league baseball is still recovering from the drug scandals. And now Josh Hamilton comes to the rescue of the game.

Baseball is always lucky. There is always something that comes along and saves the game from the stupidity of the owners and the players' union.

In '81, the strike nearly killed the game. However, the Yankees-Dodgers series got us to think about baseball again. NY had defeated LA in '77 and '78. The Dodgers had a great comeback and beat NY by winning the last four games after starting 0-2!

In '94, the strike killed the season but Cal Ripken saved baseball the following season.

Hamilton will be on the cover of the next Sport Illustrated issue. I'm sure that Commissioner Bud Selig must be smiling. (Texas Rangers' Hamilton getting national coverage)

Hamilton's story is something out of a Hollywood black and white movie.

In '99, Hamilton was the # 1 high school player in the country. He was drafted by the Rays and soon got into serious drug abuse problems. He was suspended. The Rays eventually let him go and the Rangers picked him up last season.

Today, he is hitting home runs and telling kids to stay away from drugs. He is also an early candidate to win the first triple crown since Yaztremski did it in 1967!

God must love baseball because he always sends a guardian angel to save the game for the fans! As the father of 3 sons who idolize sports stars, I'm very happy to see Josh Hamilton come along!

Is BO afraid of seeing success in Iraq?

McCain is hitting BO very hard:

"“Look at what happened in the last two years since Senator Obama visited and declared the war lost,” the GOP nominee-in-waiting told The Associated Press in an interview, noting that the Illinois senator’s last trip to Iraq came before the military buildup that is credited with curbing violence.

“He really has no experience or knowledge or judgment about the issue of Iraq and he has wanted to surrender for a long time,” the Arizona senator added.

“If there was any other issue before the American people, and you hadn’t had anything to do with it in a couple of years, I think the American people would judge that very harshly.”

BO has not been in Iraq for a couple of years. On the other hand, Dem and Reps continue to go and come back with success stories.

Why won't BO go to Iraq and sit down with our military commanders?

The answer is two fold:

1) He is afraid of seeing success. He is afraid of having to admit that he made a mistake by not supporting the surge. (Iraq violence falls to four-year low, U.S. says)

2) He is afraid of losing the left wing ideologues if he sits down with a military man.

The bottom line is that BO can not continue to talk about an Iraq that he has not visited. At some point, he is going to have to sit down and see it for himself. In the meantime, he should listen to this lady who served in one of the medical units taking care of the troops:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Enjoy this McCain moment!

Senator McCain was in Denver and ran into a couple of predictable idiots. These are the people who believe in free speech as long as you agree with them.

During Sen. McCain's presentation, a couple of anti-war clowns started to yell whatever they were yelling.

McCain stopped and told them: I won't surrender in Iraq! We are winning!

Well done McCain!

P.S. Why don't you see conservatives behave like this at Obama's rallies? Ed Morrissey has a good thought:

"Maybe because conservatives can put together coherent arguments rather than mindless chants and mishandled banners."

Translation: We understand the evil in the world. They are still counting votes in Florida!

Obama's foreign policy: Everything is Bush's fault

BO's "everything is Bush's fault" foreign policy needs to do a little fact check.

We should remind BO that Bush was the governor of Texas when Hugo Chavez came to power. It wouldn't be a bad idea to remind BO that the Iraq War was overwhelming supported by Dems in 1998 (Clinton) and 2002 (Bush).

Question: Did you hear any Dem stand up in March 2003 and denounce the war?

Yesterday, BO blamed everything on Bush and the Iraq War again. Listen to BO's latest speech:

"Since the Bush Administration launched a misguided war in Iraq, its policy in the Americas has been negligent toward our friends, ineffective with our adversaries, disinterested in the challenges that matter in peoples' lives, and incapable of advancing our interests in the region.

No wonder, then, that demagogues like Hugo Chavez have stepped into this vacuum. His predictable yet perilous mix of anti-American rhetoric, authoritarian government, and checkbook diplomacy offers the same false promise as the tried and failed ideologies of the past.

But the United States is so alienated from the rest of the Americas that this stale vision has gone unchallenged, and has even made inroads from Bolivia to Nicaragua."

Blaming everything on the Iraq War is nonsense.

Latin America's problems have nothing to do with our invasion, or our lack of, Iraq.

Latin America's problems are rooted on bad economic policy, such as Mexico's refusal to allow private investment in its energy sector. Overall, Lat American leaders have shown little knowledge of economics. Blame Lat American demagogues. Don't blame the Iraq War.

Is Obama saying that Mexico would have created more jobs or have been more open to foreign investment if Bush had not invaded Iraq?

Again, who believes this garbage? The "yes we can" screamers do.

At the same time, BO is going to be very disappointed when he finds that Lat Am presidents are a lot angrier with his anti free-trade talk than Bush's invasion of Iraq.

Tom Bevan of RCP took the time to respond to BO:

"Chavez was elected in December 1998 - two years before President Bush took office - running as a Marxist demagogue, and it was clear from the outset what kind of leader he would be.

By July 1999 he had forced through a rewriting of the Venezuelan Constitution that restructured the government, vastly expanded his authority, and increased his ability to pack the court system.

I remember this period fairly well, because at the time I lived in Miami and worked with a young woman from a well to do family from Venezuela.

Her parents, along with the rest of the business class in Venezuela, were petrified by Chavez and were scrambling to try and find ways of sheltering and/or protecting their assets before Chavez seized them - as he'd promised to do.

Again, all of this took place during the Clinton administration in the year and a half preceding George W. Bush's election, and a full four years before the Iraq campaign began.

Though Obama would like to argue Chavez is somehow a monster of George Bush's making, the truth is that he was a bad actor from the beginning, and would have remained so regardless of who was occupying the White House."

It won't be long before BO blames the Iranian hostage crisis on Bush. Why not? Isn't everything Bush's fault.

BO's hometown Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908. Isn't that Bush's fault too?

Here is a little friendly advice to BO and my Dem friends. You will need something more than blaming everything on Bush.

P.S. Someone at the BO staff should read John Hinderaker's Are We Safer?.

John goes through a year by year review of terrorist attacks against the US. He comes to the concluion that terrorists wre more likely to attack the US before we invaded Iraq. As John writes:

"No doubt there are officials inside the Bush administration who could better allocate credit among these, and probably other, explanations of our success in preventing terrorist attacks.

But based on the clear historical record, it is obvious that the Bush administration has done something since 2001 that has dramatically improved our security against such attacks.

To fail to recognize this, and to rail against the Bush administration's security policies as failures or worse, is to sow the seeds of greatly increased susceptibility to terrorist attack in the next administration."

Jewish Americans are very concerned with BO

Sen. Obama went to Florida and found very skeptical Jewish Americans.

Jenniffer Rubin wrote this:

"Many Jews have real concerns about Obama’s toleration for Wright, his willingness to provide an international publicity platform for the world’s most prominent holocaust denier, and even his close association with Palestinian activists who defame Israel.

To win voters over, he will have to be honest in assessing and addressing their concerns.

Then he can try to articulate why it would be in our national security interest, and in Israel’s, to talk without preconditions with Ahmadinejad.

That’s the basis for a real dialogue with the Jewish community on matters of foreign policy."

BO made a huge mistake by saying that he would talk to Ahmadinejad without preconditions. It was a stupid remark because it's not in our national security to talk without some preconditions.

Based on early results, his remarks are not helping with Jewish Americans, a critical voting bloc in Florida.

The marriage gap is back

Would you like to know how someone is going to vote in 2008? Just ask them: Are you married?

McCain leads Obama, 52-40 among marrieds.

Obama leads 55-35 among unmarried.

The latest Gallup shows that the "marriage gap" continues:

"These results suggest that the marriage gap evident in the past few elections will likely persist in 2008 as well, with McCain typically leading among married voters and the Democratic candidate leading among unmarried voters.

Of the four marriage-by-gender groups, married women seem to be the most competitive, with Clinton and McCain essentially running even and McCain holding only a modest lead versus Obama among this group."

We saw something similar with Pres. Bush in 2000 and 2004.

It confirms that the parties are changing. In the days of JFK and LBJ, the Democrats did not have a "marriage deficit".

They have it now!

It explains why Dems are more likely to support abortion and same sex marriage.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hamilton is having an MVP year!

The Memorial Day weekend is a good marker for the baseball season.

The Rangers started 7-16. They are 26-26 today and trail the Angels by 4 games.

Here is the question: Can Texas play .500 over the next 50 games? I don't know the answer but I like the Rangers' chances.

So far, you have to like what the Tampa Bay Rays have done!

The Rays are 30-20, the first time that they have been 10 games over .500 since in their history.

They lead the AL East by half game over Boston. The Rays have done it the hard way.

They took the time to develop young talent. They took the long and winding road and here they are.

The biggest AL disappointment is either the NY Yankees or Seattle. They are both stuck in last place.

My nominee for AL MVP is Josh Hamilton of the Rangers. He is doing everything.

The NL has been pretty predictable, although you have to like the Marlins so far. Once again, the Marlins are demonstrating that they can blow up and rebuild teams.

The NY Mets and Milwaukee have been the biggest disappointments in the NL. However, it's still early for both teams to shape up and get back in the race.

The season is about a third done and it looks like there will be some fun times ahead!

How would The NY Times fight the war in Mexico?

The NY Times is the ultimate Monday morning quarterback. They hate war, specially wars conducted by leaders that they didn't vote for.

As I recall, The NY Times did not object to Pres. Clinton invading and changing a government in Haiti in 1994. Talk about gunboat diplomacy!

What about sending US troops into Bosnia without a congressional resolution? Talk about a unilateral president!

What about bombing Iraq by going around the UN? Talk about working with our allies!

The NY Times didn't like Mexico's 2006 election either. In fact, they did everything possible to help Lopez-Obrador, including free space for the candidate to rant about Mexico's electoral process.

Who can ever forget the "irrational rant": "Recounting Our Way to Democracy"

Down in Mexico, Pres. Calderon is fighting a horrible war. He has decided to take the war to the cartels. Mexico faces a national security issue on its northern territory.

Today, The NY Times is writing about Pres. Calderon's mistakes. They tell us about everything going wrong.

The "in the tank for Obama" NY Times does not give us an example of something that Calderon has done right.

It's all negative, negative and more negative.

The "Obama Times" forgets to tell us that Pres. Calderon enjoys high approval ratings because Mexicans understand that there is no pretty way to fight cartels who use terrorist tactics. They don't say a kind word for the soldiers and policemen who are risking their lives to protect their countrymen!

Unlike The NY Times, which is losing readers and advertising revenue in a dramatic fashion, Calderon enjoys approval from Mexicans. (Steep Decline at 'NYT')

"The violence between drug cartels that Mr. Calderón has sought to end has only worsened over the past year and a half.

The death toll has jumped 47 percent to 1,378 this year, prosecutors say.

All told, 4,125 people have been killed in drug violence since Mr. Calderón took office. "

True. The war has been costly.

True. Calderon faces awful choices.

True. Many Mexican policemen are corrupt.

True. There is violence in Mexico, specially on the border.

My question again: How would The NY Times fight this war?

Nobody knows. They don't tell us! They just tell us that Calderon is making mistakes and say nothing else.

Like the Democrats who criticize Iraq but don't have the guts to cut the funding, The NY Times is all about criticizing and nothing about offering constructive suggestions.

It does not help Mexico either when Dems are holding Pres. Bush's military assistance package. The Dems are more interested in pandering to the unions than helping Mexico fight its war.

We understand that Pres. Calderon is in a very tough spot. However, I'm tired of critics like "in the tank for Obama" NY Times who just tell us about mistakes!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Earth to Clintons: You don't have the votes!

The Clintons don't quit:

According to the former president, his wife will fix the economy, end the war and give us health care. They will give us the details after they win!

Here is the big question: Can she make the Cubs win the World Series?

Today, HRC wrote Why I continue to run. Unfortunately for the Clinton-istas, she spent a lot her presentation explaining what she meant about the assassination remarks.

The nomination is over.

Worse than that, most Dems are done with the Clintons!

Just check the liberal blogs. They hate Hillary Clinton ten times more than the right wing conspiracy ever did! These "libs" are calling her names that none of us ever did!

How can Hillary Clinton still win?

First, the Clintons will have to convince super delegates that BO is unelectable. Second, BO must make a huge mistake or come up with another left wing character from his Chicago life.

Is this likely? I don't know how electable BO is versus HRC. As of today, they are both doing about the same on head to head polls against McCain. At the same time, HRC does seem to be more competitive in big electoral vote states. Again, it's May and Mondale was competitive with Reagan at this point in 1984! May polls are not always reliable!

Is it likely that BO will have another ghost from the past show up? I don't know but Rev. Wright may make a return engagement this fall to promote his book. Who knows what will happen with the Rev gets behind another microphone?

As of today, you have to give BO the edge to win the nomination. Yet, don't expect the Clintons to accept reality.

Rev Wright continues to hurt BO!

The Obama campaign, and their friends in the media, have tried to make something out of the two pastors who endorsed McCain.

It's not working.

These men were not McCain's pastors. He didn't sit in their churches for 20 years. McCain did not donate $20,000 to the church.

On the other hand, Rev. Wright is still hurting Obama.

"Most reporters are liberals, whose circles of friends and acquaintances have included people with views not dissimilar to those of Wright or William Ayers, the unrepentant Weather Underground bomber with whom Obama served on a nonprofit board and at whose house his state Senate candidacy was launched.

Such reporters don’t find these views utterly repugnant or particularly noteworthy.

But most American voters do.

And they wonder whether a candidate who associates with such people agrees with them — or disbelieve him when he says he doesn’t. Though most in the press won’t admit it, that’s a problem — for the Obama candidacy and for the whole Democratic party once it nominates him."

Listen to Barone. He knows US voters as well as anybody.

Obama's problem is that he is politically tone deaf. He has never run against a competitive Republican. In other words, he has never been challenged to explain anything.

From Chicago to the Dem primary, he has been talking to liberal audiences. He has never been forced to explain anything, from his Iraq policy to how he sat in a church for 20 years and did not hear a word.

The bottom line is that his staff doesn't relate to people who find Rev. Wright repulsive. Let's hope that Kentucky and West Virginia brought them down to earth!

Chicago '68 wrecked the Dem party!

Hillary Clinton's unfortunate "assassination remarks" reminded everyone of the ugly Dem convention of 1968.

It also gives us an opportunity to remember that Robert Kennedy had zero chance to win the 1968 nomination.

In fact, he didn't.

RFK would have lost the nomination to VP Humphrey. There is no evidence that RFK had the votes to win the nomination.

I remember watching the Chicago convention with my parents.

It was very hard to sympathize with idiots marching with Ho Chi Mihn posters and yelling obscenities at the police.

How do you win middle America by waving the North Vietnamese flag and calling policemen "pigs"!

Sorry. The Chicago marchers did little to promote their cause. On the contrary, they did a lot to elect Richard Nixon in the fall.

I wasn't old enough to vote in '68. My parents weren't US citizens yet. However, it was obvious that Nixon won our votes that night.

At the same time, I felt sorry for VP Humphrey who was constantly interrupted by rude demonstrators during his acceptance speech.

Don't these people believe in free speech? They believe in free speech as long as you agree with them! Otherwise, they will shut you down!

In 1968, John McCain was tied up in a North Vietnamese prison. Wonder what he was thinking when he heard that Americans were marching with Vietcong flags in our streets?

Anyway, let's go back to RFK. James Trapper brings a little reality to the RFK story:

"What might have been is open to debate, but there are plenty of historians who feel that Humphrey would have secured the nomination in 1968 even if RFK had walked out of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles that horrible night.

He had the institutional control, and the support of people such as Mayor Tate of Philadelphia and Mayor Richard Daley Sr. in Chicago.

As Evan Thomas wrote in “Robert Kennedy: His Life,” RFK aide "Larry O'Brien, a true pragmatist and the most reliable delegate counter, had told Kennedy that winning the nomination would be an uphill struggle.

While Kennedy had been getting his cuff links torn off in close primary battles in mostly small states, Humphrey had been methodically lining up delegates in big states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio -- enough to secure the nomination, unless Kennedy could somehow shake them free." (The Fallacy of Clinton's 1968 Analogy)

Looking back, 1968 was a disaster for Dems. I'm sorry that RFK was killed but he had zero chance to get the nomination or win the presidency.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Has the pressure overwhelmed Hillary Clinton?

The 2008 Dem campaign was supposed to be the coronation of Hillary Clinton.

She was supposed to win it easy and then walk into the White House in a landslide.

It was all part of the Clintons' preordained return engagement to the presidency.

As they say, it was written in the stars. (I think that the Dems' star expert forgot to look at McCain's charts!)

It was supposed to be so easy. It didn't turn out to be easy.

In fact, we are learning a lot about Hillary Clinton.

Let's cut to the chase: She can't handle pressure, which is a very bad quality for someone who wants to sit in the Oval Office.

She broke into tears in New Hampshire.

She made up a story about being shot at in Bosnia.

She made a pathetic turn on NAFTA.

Hillary tried to be the "tough man" vs "girly Obama" by saying that she would nuke Iran. (I'm sure that the Iranian leadership has not slept since they heard that Hillary Clinton is going to nuke them!)

Overall, these are signs of a woman who can't handle pressure, and specially, reality.

I will give Hillary Clinton the benefit of the doubt on the assassination remarks. I'm sure that she did not mean it the way that it came out. Stuff happens. I give her the benefit of the doubt. (Hillary Brings Up Kennedy Assassination, Press Freaks Out)

However, you can't deny that she is coming apart. We are watching Hillary Clinton melt in front of us.

What is this woman going to do when she has to accept the reality that the show is over?

Hillary Clinton put up with so much to have this opportunity to run for president.

She tolerated marital humiliation. She played the poor "victim" who stood by her Bill. She carried his water in Arkansas and The White House.

She was willing to go on TV and go after her husband's critics, i.e. the right wing conspiracy!

She did all of this because there was a presidency at the end of the road. It was all part of the deal that she made with Bill.

What is she going to do when she learns that it was all in vain? It won't be pretty.

Obama and the world's bad guys!

(Another great cartoon from The American Thinker)

With all due respect to the very wonderful Carpenters, we are going to borrow their beautiful Close to you and give it to the BO campaign.

From now on, BO's foreign policy is to get close to our enemies, specially despicable leaders like those of terrorist Iran and murderers like Raul Castro.

Speaking of Cuba, this is an amazing audio of a Cuban political prisoner near GITMO....wonder if BO will call on Castro to close that prison in Guantanamo!

BO is either very misinformed and totally naive or just telling the "yes we can" screamers a lot of nonsense.

"Obama pretends that while he is for such "engagement," the cowboy Republicans oppose it. Another absurdity.

No one is debating the need for contacts.

The debate is over the stupidity of elevating rogue states and their tyrants, easing their isolation and increasing their leverage by granting them unconditional meetings with the president of the world's superpower."

In fact, meetings with heads of state can often backfire, as Pres. Kennedy learned after his ill fated meeting with Soviet Premier Khrushchev in 1961. (A lesson for Obama)

We are not against meetings. We just don't think that US presidents should be having "chats" without specific pre-conditions.

P.S. Unfortunately, BO has never taken the time to meet with our military leaders in Iraq. Wonder why? Is he afraid to find out that we are winning? Does BO have the courage to tell the "yes we can" screamers that he is lying to them about getting out of Iraq?

See this video from a US veteran:

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thank you Dallas Stars!

The Stars season is over. Detroit will go on to play Pittsburgh. Nevertheless, the Stars gave us a wonderful spring of very exciting hockey.

The Stars are back. They have A Bright Future:

"You’ve got the best captain in the NHL. Period.

Ask anybody who came within three feet of Brenden Morrow in the postseason, and they’ll tell you that was too close....

You have a superstar, playoff-tested goaltender. Long gone are the memories of consecutive first-round playoff losses to Colorado.

Since last year’s opening round against Vancouver, Marty Turco has a 1.84 postseason goals-against average and a .931 save percentage....

And remember, the last two teams to lose in the Western Conference Finals (Anaheim and Detroit) have gone on to the Cup Finals the following season."

Get ready for next season and enjoy this great shot from Mike Modano:




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