Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday's show: A little bit of everything!

On Friday's show, we reviewed the Democrats' new position on the Iraq War. For a good summary, check Democrats don't vow full Iraq withdrawal by 2013 by Mark Silva:

"Among all of the leading Democratic candidates for president, none was willing to commit to a promise in a campaign debate that all of the U.S. combat forces deployed in Iraq will be gone by 2013, the end of the next president’s term in office."

Also, see:

"I am not saying I disagree with anything Obama, Clinton and Edwards are saying. It’s just been a bit tiring to hear them beat that “end the war” drum all across the country when even they don’t know what that means" (A Lack of Clarity (A.B. Stoddard)

The problem is that the Dems are reading polls, such as the latest Gallup:

"Most Americans support the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, but there is only limited support for an immediate withdrawal (there is also only limited support for increased troop levels)."

So here we are. The Dems are reading polls again. Of course, they've been doing that since the voted to support the war in the first place!

Poll readers, poll readers! Click here for the show!

2nd graders do not need to hear about homosexuality

During the debate last night. the Democrats were in top pandering form:

"“Obviously, it is better to try to … help your children understand the many differences that are in the world. … And that goes far beyond sexual orientation. So I think that this issue of gays and lesbians and their rights will remain an important one in our country.” (Democratic Candidates Say They're OK With Second-Grade Teacher Reading Gay Prince Fairy Tale )

Is this insane or what?

2nd grade children should not be hearing about Tom and Tom, the gay prince or Lesbian Cinderella. Wonder how this is going to play with the mom and dad vote?

Pres. Sarkozy is great

As I mentioned on my radio show, Pres. Sarkozy had a great speech at the UN:

"It was only a few months ago (or was it years?) that the left was warning how we were alienating the peaceable French and the other Europeans.

But this week Monsieur Sarkozy's remarks were in sharp contradistinction to the speech of President Bush, which was full of talk about soft-power and human rights.

We were tempted to send some smelling salts over to the editorial sanctum of the New York Times in case anyone there came down with vertigo." (Role Reversal)

After Chirac's corrupt term, we can now say that France is a friend again. (America's friend again: France!)

In the end, it may be reality that is bring the French back to the West:

"The French flip is only one part of the changing landscape that has given new life to Bush's Iran and Iraq policies in the waning months of his administration. The mood in Congress also has significantly shifted." (France Flips While Congress Shifts By Charles Krauthammer)

It's OK to eat French fries again!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday's show: A chat with Captain Ed

Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters, a very popular blog, joined us for a review of The New York Times' ad and Hillary Clinton's "hsu" problem (Hsu's Strings Tied To Hillary).

Speaking of the ad, George Will was great today:

"The Times, a media corporation that is a fountain of detailed editorial instructions about how the rest of the world should conduct its business, seems confused about how it conducts its own.

The Times now says the appropriate rate for's full-page ad should have been $142,000, a far cry from $65,000, which is what the group paid. So the discount of $77,000 constitutes a large soft-money contribution to a federally regulated political committee.

The Times' horror of such contributions was expressed in its enthusiasm for McCain-Feingold."

We regret that there was about a minute of dead air due to technical problems. Wait through a minute of dead air and the show will start! Sorry about that!

The poll readers have a new position on the Iraq War!

Most Democrats must be wondering what the 2006 election was all about. According to the pundits, and most Democrats, the 2006 election was a rejection of Pres. Bush's Iraq War policy.

However, it looks like Bush is leading and the Dems are just reading polls.

Last night, I did not watch the Dems debate. Frankly, I can not sit through an hour of pandering plus more pandering. The modern Dems are all about pandering and offering something to everyone.

This morning, the headlines must be cold water to the anti-war leaders:

Our friend Rick Moran had a summary of the debate:

"According to the tentative schedule set by General Petraeus, we will still have a substantial number of troops in Iraq through 2009 and a strong residual force for the foreseeable future." (Democratic Bluster on Iraq Shown to be Empty Rhetoric)

I don't know who won or lost. Most Americans do not watch MSNBC so the audience was probably very low. Nevertheless, it was not a good night for those Democrats who voted for "a new direction"!

Yes, we have a new direction in Iraq and Gen. Petraeus is leading the way!

What are Cindy Sheehan and the Code Pink ladies saying this morning?

200 hits again: Congratulations to Michael Young

The Rangers finally beat the Angels but it did not matter in the standings. The Angels will play in the post season next week and the Rangers will watch on TV.

Overall, a bad season!

However, it was another great year for Michael Young. The wonderful Michael Young put another 200 hits on his resume.

Later, I will post some thoughts on the Rangers. Today, I just want to congratulate the wonderful Mr. Young!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Homosexuals and Iran!

Yesterday, the Iranian president drew laughter when he said that Iran did not have homosexuals.

Indeed, Iran has an awful human rights record. They don't treat anyone very well in Iran, specially if you disagree with the party line. (Iran Does Far Worse Than Ignore Gays, Critics Say)

No one in their right mind supports violations of human rights. Everyone is entitled to dignity and respect, regardless of their sexual orientation.

However, the international left seems more interested in homosexual rights than military arsenals.

Does the left care about nuclear bombs or Iran's military arsenal?

What about the Middle East and the price of oil?

Does they left worry about Iran meddling in Lebanon and threatening Israel?

Check out Ed Koch:

"As important as it was to stand up for the rights of homosexuals, who are hanged or stoned to death in Iran, standing up for the U.S. and the American soldiers being killed daily by Iranian-supplied bombs was particularly relevant and in need of greater emphasis than that given by Bollinger."

This is all about homosexual rights for the left. They don't seem to care a bit about the national security implications of what's going on in Iran and Iraq.

Maybe we should say that Al Qaeda is killing homosexuals in Iraq and the left will support the war!

I love this one from Rick Moran:

"The visit of Ahmadinejad has illuminated a great difference between right and left."

Yes. It shows that the left is not serious and unwilling to face real threats!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This young woman will never speak at Columbia University

This picture tells the whole story. (Source: Babalu Blog) What about Shiri's freedom of speech? Who remembers her family, her parents? She lost her life because Iran is financing terrorists!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday's show: Columbia and The NY Times!

On Monday's show, I discussed The NY Times controversy and Columbia University.

More on Ahmadinejad's visit

Columbia University pretends that they are defending freedom of speech by inviting the Iranian president to their campus. Apparently, they are going to confront him with tough questions. Let's hope so!

In fact, Columbia, or any other university, does not defend our freedoms. College professors do not defend our freedoms.

Our freedoms are defended by the young men serving in the military, the same ones being killed by Iranian bombs.

It's time for Columbia's students to support those who are actually defending their freedoms:

"The young men and women of Morningside Heights aren’t being asked to risk their lives for their country, but they should be expected to stand in solidarity with those who bravely do." (Monday Mission for Columbia Students)

Stand up for freedom of speech by cancelling the invitation. Tell Ahmadinejad that you will invite him when he:

1) stops calling for the destruction of Israel;

2) stops sending weapons into Iraq;

3) stops funding Hezballah; and

4) treats women with respect.

P.S. Here is a good one from Strappleface, the humorous web site:

"President George Bush today said he would consider “alternative means” to accommodate a request by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit ‘Ground Zero‘, the former site of the World Trade Center towers, during his trip to the United Nations next week.

“You know the old expression,” Mr. Bush said. “If Mahmoud can’t come to Ground Zero, we may have to bring Ground Zero to Mahmoud.”
The White House refused to clarify the president’s statement." (By Scott Ott)

Good idea. Let's give Iran a big ground zero!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Gray lady is a tramp

This morning, we woke up to Betraying Its Own Best Interests By CLARK HOYT, the reader's representative or public editor, over at The NY Times:

"Did get favored treatment from The Times?

And was the ad outside the bounds of acceptable political discourse?

The answer to the first question is that paid what is known in the newspaper industry as a standby rate of $64,575 that it should not have received under Times policies. The group should have paid $142,083.

The Times had maintained for a week that the standby rate was appropriate, but a company spokeswoman told me late Thursday afternoon that an advertising sales representative made a mistake.

The answer to the second question is that the ad appears to fly in the face of an internal advertising acceptability manual that says, “We do not accept opinion advertisements that are attacks of a personal nature.”

Steph Jespersen, the executive who approved the ad, said that, while it was “rough,” he regarded it as a comment on a public official’s management of his office and therefore acceptable speech for The Times to print.

By the end of last week the ad appeared to have backfired on both and fellow opponents of the war in Iraq — and on The Times."

We are happy that Mr. Hoyt has published this. We appreciate his honesty.

Here is the question: Why did The NY Times do it anyway? Why did The NY Times make a bad business decision to publish this? How does a sales rep at The NY Times give someone such a discount? Frankly, is this any way to run a newspaper?

In this episode, we see the same impulse that drove Mary Mapes and Dan Rather of CBS News to do a story based on forged documents. (CBS and the liberal crusaders)

The answer is that too many in the left hate Pres. Bush so much that they have lost their common sense.

The NY Times and are so committed to destroying Pres. Bush that they will do such stupid things.

They are so invested in Bush Derangement Syndrome that it's all about "getting Bush"!

Like CBS, they stepped on something that smells bad and stick to your shoes!

Of course, the tilt to the left has come at a price.

The CBS Evening News is a ratings disaster. How can you believe a network that fell for forged documents to destroy the president of the US?

Thomas Lifson has been following the newspaper's financial decline:

"For quite some time I have been urging members of the Sulzberger/Ochs family to wake up and remove Pinch from his leadership role in the company before it is too late.

The company is in a downward spiral financially, strategically, journalistically, and now for all to see, ethically. There is no longer any reason for the family to assume that the company will always be there for one of the clan to steer.

Christopher Alleva demonstrated in American Thinker a week ago that the company is in dangerous financial territory, and that it could in fact be forced into receivership if it is unable to change the adverse trend its business results have taken.

Pinch Sulzberger's strategic blunders have put the company in this bind. (What did Pinch know and when did he know it?)

Based on the newspaper's financial condition, will The NY Times outlive the Bush presidency? Wouldn't that be funny?

P.S. Captain Ed got it right:

"The Times got caught with its pants down and its biases exposed.

Hoyt not only acknowledges the obvious, he undermines the ridiculous meme that got floated about the standby rate, which the ad itself obviously refutes in its use of "today" when referring to Petraeus' testimony.

Even the Gray Lady can't dance around that."

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Who cares about the euro's value?

Since the Florida recount, the "doom and gloom" brigade have jumped on every headline to say that the US economy is falling apart. (Bad News: The Economy is Good By Rich Tucker)

It gets silly and sillier. Remember the boy who kept crying wolf?

We have 4.6% unemployment, steady GDP growth, a federal deficit around 1.5% of GDP and lots more.

Most of our allies would love to have those numbers!

We have a strong economy, which is why you see a long line at every US embassy around the world. They are not lined up to oppose the Iraq War. They line up to get into the US!

Today, I saw this headline:

What does that mean? It means nothing, unless you travel to Europe often, consume French wine with every meal or represent a line of European machines.

Otherwise, it helps thousands of small businesses exporting to Europe and makes the US a very attractive place to visit.

So who is angry at the euro headline?

Not me!

Ironically, it is the people carrying "euros" who aren't happy about it:

Read this:

"The European Central Bank again struck out at politicians and industry leaders who warn that the soaring euro will cost European jobs by making exports too expensive in foreign markets." (Politics, Business Spar Over Euro Rate)

Does that sound like the Europeans are cheering that their "dear euro" is kicking our dollar? It does not to me!

Don't be surprised if Europeans kick the euro and replace it with their old "pesetas", "DMs" and "liras".

Europe can not get back in the game with an overvalued euro. The old system was better because it allowed each country to control its currency.

What does it all mean? It means that they have a problem rather than us!

The euro vs US dollar debate is not meaningful anyway. People invest in the US for various reasons:

First, we have a US$ 13 trillion GDP. That's a lot of consumption and production!

Second, we have a tradition of the rule of law. In other words, contracts matter in the US.

Last, but not least, we have the army, navy, marines and air force capable of defending our GDP. Unlike Europe, the US does not depend on someone else's navy to keep the oil sea lanes open.

Go Navy! Long live the B-52s! They keep us safe regardless of what the euro is worth.

Investors love security and the US is the most secure place to invest! That's the bottom line!

What happened in Syria last week?

For days, we have been hearing about an Israeli air strike on Syria:

"On Sept. 6, something important happened in northern Syria.

Problem is, no one knows exactly what.

Except for those few who were involved, and they're not saying.

We do know that Israel carried out an airstrike. How do we know it was important? Because in Israel, where leaking is an art form, even the best-informed don't have a clue. They tell me they have never seen a better-kept secret." (Middle East Volcano by Charles Krauthammer)

Why is everyone so quiet about this? Why is Pres. Bush quiet? Is there something going on that involves Syria, Iran and North Korea?

I don't know the answer. I guess that no one wants to talk about it. Neverheless. I believe that the Israeli attack was a signal to Iran.

It would be nice if level headed Iranians would stop their regime's suicidal madness. It would be nice but not likely.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Columbia University and The NY Times are sitting down with a madman

Iran is a terrorist nation, an abuser of women's rights and Hezbollah's sugar daddy!

So why is this man speaking at Columbia University?

Why is The NY Times buying him lunch?

As always, Bill Kristol is on target:

"It should go without saying that the appropriate thing to do, when the Iranian ambassador called Columbia, would have been to say: No thanks. Or just, No. But that would be to expect too much of one of today's Ivy League university presidents."

The American left is out of touch with reality.

Thursday's show: Iran president wants to visit NY?

On Thursday, we spoke with Ryan Williams about the Iranian president traveling to New York. Yesterday, Gov. Romney and other Republicans like Sen. McCain, took a tough posture against having the Iranian president visit ground zero.

Also, we reviewed today's US Senate vote:

Today, Hillary Clinton and 24 other Dems did not have the courage to defend a good man, like Gen. Petraeus. Instead, they buckled under the pressure. Senator Obama did not vote! Where was he?

It's hard to believe that 25 Democrats would do this at a time of war. There are 200,000 US young men in Iraq and Afghanistan but the Democrats are apparently still counting votes in Florida!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What happens when you vote for poll readers?

Yesterday, the poll readers failed to change Pres. Bush's Iraq policy. They gave it a good try but the Republicans held firm.

Now, Senator Reid will have to explain to the anti-war leaders that his members do not have the courage to cut the funding.

As I have written before, it was a lot easier for the Dems when they were sitting in the bleachers second guessing the coach!

It started with a silly amendment to stop the war by limiting troop deployments. (Effort to Shift Course in Iraq Fails in Senate)

The next one is even sillier and a threat to everyone of us who wants to protect our homeland and families from terrorist attacks. (Senate defeat for detainee rights: Bid to give habeas corpus rights to Guantanamo prisoners falls short)

Are you kidding me? These are people captured on a battlefield who do not wear uniforms. By the way, they also kill innocent men, women and children!

Frankly, the GITMO detainees should thank God that Lincoln or FDR is not in the Oval Office. I don't think that FDR or Truman would have subscribed to the modern Dems' obsession with giving terrorists "equal rights".

The Dems are already starting to feel the heat about their unwillingness to stand up and cut the funding.

Rep. Baird in Washington is facing newspaper ads blasting his assessment of the Iraq War.

What did Rep. Baird do? He went to Iraq, took a look at the situation and came back saying that our troops were doing a good job.

That's a mortal sin in the land of!

Of course, the real problem is that the anti-war left is all about hating Bush rather than thinking about the national security interests of the US. No one over at or The Daily Kos has given any thought to what happens to the price of oil if we pull out and leave a vacuum in the region.

They want Bush to fail period. Their hatred of Bush has overtaken any rational analysis of anything. It's all about hating Bush, and hating Bush and hating Bush!

At the same time, the Democrats flirted with the anti-war left by promising a "new direction" in Iraq if they worked to put them in power. See Clifford May:

"The antiwar movement made a strategic error by aiming not to persuade but to punish; not to debate but to coerce and bully. This approach reached its peak — or rather its nadir — with’s full-page ad accusing General Petraeus of “betraying” his country for daring to say that continuing to fight al Qaeda and Iranian-backed militias is preferable to ceding Iraq to these enemies of America." (How the Left Spent Its Summer Vacation)

How will the left spend the fall and winter? They will go after Reid & Pelosi. The anti-war movement is a bunch of immature children who will scream and yell when they don't get what they want! Watch out for these brats! They are about to throw their food plates on the floor because they don't like what Mommy is saying! It's temper tantrum time! (Dems frustrate war critics By Ryan Grim)

Furthermore, they will learn what so many others have learned over the years: The Dems are poll readers.

They usually follow the polls and no one did that better than Hillary Clinton's husband!

P.S. What have the Democrats done since they took over Congress? They passed a non-binding resolution. Beyond that, they have not done much. This is why Congressional approval is 11% according to the latest Zogby!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday's show: Cowboys, Rudy-G, HIllary and Iran

On Tuesday's show, we discussed the Cowboys' victory and recent political events.

These are some of the articles that we discussed on the show:

by Major Garrett

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A new Che biography

During the weekend protests, a group of people showed up to protest the protest. They carried many patriotic placards. My favorite was this one about Che, who died 40 years ago!

Jacobo Machover, author of The Hidden Face of Che, reminds us of the truth:

"A prolific diarist, Guevara wrote vividly of his role as an executioner. In one passage, he described the execution of Eutimio Guerra, a peasant and army guide.

"I fired a .32-calibre bullet into the right hemisphere of his brain, which came out through his left temple," was Guevara's clinical description of the killing. "He moaned for a few moments, then died."

I guess that the left will love any assassin as long as the assassin hates the US! and the Dems are one!

Stevie Wonder had it right:

"Here I am baby

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm yours

(You got my future in your hands)

Here I am baby

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm yours

(You got my future in your hands)" has a lot of money tied up in the Democrats:

"In the last two election cycles, Political Action Committee spent more than $58 million in pro-Democrat political advocacy, according to Federal Election Commission records.

In just the 2006 election cycle, spent $27 million in advocacy to elect a Democratic majority in Congress and used its formidable fund-raising clout to propel numerous Democratic challengers to House and Senate victories.

By comparison, the NRA PAC donated $11 million in 2006.

"They give away and raise about three times as much as the National Rifle Association," said Massie Ritsch, communications director for the Center for Responsive Politics.

"A tremendous amount of money, especially when you consider how quickly they came on the scene." (MoveOn Gravy Train Makes and Breaks Political Fortunes)

Don't get me wrong. I want unlimited campaign financing. I want people to donate as much as they want as long as there is full disclosure.

The point is this: Why are Democrats afraid to disagree openly with Why did John Edwards send his wife out to criticize's ad? Why won't Hillary Clinton confront the angry left for once and for all?

The answer is money, and lots of money!

Bash Bush and then read the book for the real information!

Bob Woodward spoiled another liberal parade. Yesterday, he clarified Allan Greenspan's comments over oil and the Iraq War:

"My view is that Saddam, looking over his 30-year history, very clearly was giving evidence of moving towards controlling the Straits of Hormuz, where there are 17, 18, 19 million barrels a day" passing through.

Greenspan said disruption of even 3 to 4 million barrels a day could translate into oil prices as high as $120 a barrel -- far above even the recent highs of $80 set last week -- and the loss of anything more would mean "chaos" to the global economy.

Given that, "I'm saying taking Saddam out was essential," he said. But he added that he was not implying that the war was an oil grab.

"No, no, no," he said.

Getting rid of Hussein achieved the purpose of "making certain that the existing system [of oil markets] continues to work, frankly, until we find other [energy supplies], which ultimately we will." (Greenspan: Ouster Of Hussein Crucial For Oil Security
By Bob Woodward)

It must be sad to suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome. Woodward certainly knows how to spoil another anti-Bush orgy!

BDS makes an otherwise smart person fall for anything about Bush. They will believe anything that fits their mental template. They hate Bush more than they love their truth.

At some point, these anti-Bushies must answer a simple question: Why hate Bush at the expense of my own intelligence? Why make a fool of myself to show everyone how much I hate Bush?

Check out Bashing Bush with Greenspan (The pedantic economist speaks plainly about his support for the Iraq war -- and liberals misquote him).

Over the weekend, we heard all about Greenspan's new book. We heard about how we went to war for oil.

It was enough to give the anti-Bushies a large dose of hope after the " ad" fiasco.

Unfortunately for the anti-Bushies, Greenspan did not say that we went to war for oil:

"Greenspan wanted to communicate how important the Middle East is in terms of global finances.

He himself made the case for removing Saddam Hussein to keep financial markets from collapsing from an attack on world oil supplies, such as the one Saddam conducted during the first Gulf War.

He took that argument to the White House, which specifically rejected it — quite the opposite of what the quote implied when first reported.

In general, Greenspan has it right.

People have turned oil into a protest chant, but the global economy depends on a free flow of oil to provide energy.

A great portion of that oil comes from the Middle East, which makes its politics a matter of interest to most nations of the world.

We can’t ignore people like Saddam Hussein when they threaten oil supplies, and Greenspan understands this better than most." (Heading Right)

That's right.

Oil is the fuel that gets the lefties to their anti-war protests. Over the weekend, many anti-war protesters took buses to go to the anti-war march? How did they get there? Did their buses run on horse manure or some other alternative fuel?

Oil is what keeps their daddy's factory running and their tuition checks flowing. Without oil, daddy would shut down the factory, lay off his workers and tell "sonny" to get a job and pay for his own school.

Oil is the bottom line fuel for the moment because we can't run our economy with alternative energy right now.

This is why every US president, from Democrat LBJ to the current Republican GW Bush has maintained a huge military presence in the area.

This is why the Europeans, Japanese and everybody else with a brain loves that we are willing to use our armed forces to keep oil flowing!

If we can't defend the oil sea lanes, who will? Can we seriously count on any other nation to keep the Persian Gulf free of Iranian control of oil supplies?

It gets better. See Greenspan's DismayExtends Both Ways!

In fact, Greenspan comes down very hard on the protectionist and anti-free Dems!

Why didn't we hear this one over the weekend.

Greenspan is concerned that the Democrats will promote their anti-free and wreck our economic progress.

At the end of the day, the book hype turned out to be a lot different than the real stuff. Are you surprised?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Are the Dems going to get stuck with Hillary Clinton?

By March 2008, Hillary Clinton will have enough delegates to clinch the Dems' nomination. As a Republican, I can't wait for that.

Based on recent events, I think that Hillary Clinton is afraid to take questions. Has this lady appeared on Meet The Press or any of the network "Q&A" shows?

Hillary Clinton's staff is keeping her from the media because of her policy contradictions and cold personality. Unlike Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton is not friendly or lucky enough to have Ross Perot around to divide the middle class vote:

"The Gallup Poll recently asked voters to rank the candidates on a "feeling thermometer," in which zero was the coldest and 100 was the warmest. The New York senator and Democratic front-runner was the "most polarized" of all the candidates in either party, according to the poll." (Donald Lambro)

P.S. Liberal Michael Goodwin has a few questions for Clinton:

"How many conversations have you had with con man Norman Hsu?

Where do you think he got the gazillions he gave Democrats?

What, if any, policies did he support or favors did he seek?

On Iraq, why did you say the troop surge was working in August, yet suggest Petraeus was lying about its gains?
You say you will bring the troops home and you voted to cut off funding, but also said you believe America needs to keep a force in Iraq to fight terrorists. Explain the contradiction.

What is your plan to defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq and elsewhere?"

Good luck, Mr. Goodwin. I would love to get those answers, too! is a mess of messy proportions!

Tom Bevan of RCP has a great analysis of the ad:

"It's been a textbook case of political tone deafness, a gift to Republican presidential candidates, and an issue that will almost certainly come back to be a thorn in the side of Democratic nominee in the general election next year." and The Daily Kos have made a great mistake. They think that the country hates Pres. Bush as much as they do. Actually, the country likes Pres. Bush on a personal basis but dislikes the stalemate in Iraq.

Beyond that, the country does not like "cheap shots" on the military. Most of us have huge respect for the volunteers who serve in the US armed forces. We can disagree about policies but we always salute the young men who volunteer to put themselves in harm's way. has now declared war on Rudy Giuliani. Is stupid or what? They call it a "Betrayal of Trust". I guess that their infantile editors could not come up with some that rhymes with Giuliani.

P.S. Since 1968, the Democrats have won 50% of the popular but once. In 1976, Gov. Jimmy Carter defeated Pres. Ford by running as a conservative Democrat who was opposed to abortion and liberalism. needs to study that trend!

MoveOn.Org during World War II

Red State has a great poster.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

How insane is the American left?

Yesterday, a thousand anti-war protesters marched in Washington.

Of course, dissent is good. Unfortunately, this march was not about dissent. It was just another opportunity for the angry left to make fools of themselves. These idiots are in desperate need of attention!

Power Line and Michelle Malkin have plenty of pictures. I selected this one because it shows just how stupid these people are!

So we live in a police state? Really? Why were these people allowed to march rather than thrown in prison?

What police state allows people to march with placards calling the leader a liar? Have you tried that in Cuba, Iran or Venezuela? North Korea? the old USSR?

The march was full of the 9-11 conspiracy placards. These people really believe that the US government planned 9-11 so that Bush and Cheney can take over the country and trash the constitution.

It was a joke. It was a travesty. It was an insult to the millions in political prisons in real police states all over the world.

In the 1960s, both parties avoided these idiots like the plague. Today, these protesters have ties to the Democrat Party through and The Daily Kos!

After all, how did the Code Pink Ladies get seats at the congressional hearings?

The American left has been on dope since the 1960s. We saw more evidence of that over the weekend.

ANSWER was there. By the way, ANSWER is having a special "Noche Cubana" to remember the 40th anniversary of Che's death. See the brochure! I hope that these idiots don't try that in Miami!

Question: Che Guevara and Fidel Castro sent hundreds to the firing squad. Did any of them get a chance to go march and call Cuba a "police state"?

These people make me sick. If you want more, go to C-SPAN and check out some of the speeches!

The Democrats are Calderon's "pesadilla" or nightmare!

We salute Mexicans on Independence Day.

So far, Pres. Calderon enjoys approval because he is tough and unafraid to deal with Mexico's challenges. He has declared war on drug cartels. He understands that "jobs" rather than "remesas" will make Mexico prosperous.

Overall, Mexico is in good hands as it celebrates another "El Grito"!

At the same time, Pres. Calderon can not be pleased with the protectionist messages coming out of the Democrat presidential debates or the Congress.

This week, the labor unions played a key role in closing the border to Mexican trucks. (protectionism)

Eventually, Pres. Bush will veto the bill but it demonstrates once again that the Democrats are the party of labor unions.

There is no logical reason to keep Mexican trucks from crossing the border. This is the worst kind of ignorace and misinformation. Unfortunately, it is being promoted by Democrats who are afraid to stand up to the leftist and the unions that contribute to their campaigns:

"When the United States entered into NAFTA under President Clinton in 1993, it agreed to allow Mexican trucks entry into the United States by 1995.

This aspect of NAFTA was temporarily halted when U.S. officials cited safety concerns that proved serious enough to stall the measure.

Understandably, Mexico was flummoxed but cheered later when a NAFTA settlement panel sided against the United States for violating the agreement.

Under the ruling, the White House has said Mexico, which is losing as much as $2 billion a year under this protectionist policy, has the right to retaliate in the form of tariffs on U.S. exports." (NAFTA and our borders)

Clinton punted on the "trucks" issue to avoid a battle with the unions during his reelection in '96. Nevertheless, the labor unions are still furious about NAFTA. It was one of the reasons that Ralph Nader challenged VP Gore in 2000.

Of course, I like labor unions as long as they help the nation's economy. Frankly, that's no longer the case:

"You can sum up the reason why most congressional Democrats are voting against FTAs in six letters: AFL-CIO.

The AFL-CIO did a splendid job raising money and turning out voters for Democrats in 2006.

Their efforts were highly sophisticated and they may very well have made the difference in Democrats gaining their majorities.

And the AFL-CIO is dead set against free trade. It was unhappy with the Clinton administration when it pushed through the NAFTA with Mexico in 1993 and predicted big job losses, and is not phased by the fact that the United States has produced nearly 30 million new jobs net since that time.

This is a classic example of interests of the past trumping interests of the future." (Michael Barone)

The bottom line is that free trade has been good for US-Mexico relations. (Free Trade Sunlight) It has created jobs and very helpful to Texas! After all, Mexico is Texas #1 trading partner!

Furthermore, free trade is a critical component of Pres. Calderon's growth plans for the Mexican economy.

Calderon can not take "sides" on our elections. However, he is a smart man and understands what Democrat policies will do to Mexico. (The Coming Democratic War on Free Trade By Steve Chapman)

Therefore, don't be surprised if Calderon makes a special prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe for the election of a Republican in 2008. At least, a Republican can veto all of these protectionist impulses from the party of the labor unions!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rudy-G goes after poll-reader Hillary!

Rudy-G showed me this week that he is an effective campaigner. He will hit hard and jump on opportunities:

"This bold move is classic Giuliani. Hizzoner practices the politics of confrontation, in which he chooses a position and relentlessly pursues those who hold the opposite view.

In this case, Giuliani's position is support for the war in Iraq and General Petraeus's counterinsurgency strategy.

And his opponents make up a trifecta of liberal bogeymen: MoveOn, the Times, and Clinton.

By raising the stakes, Giuliani emphasizes to conservatives that he is on their side--something many are not quite ready to believe." (Rudy Hits the Trifecta)

To be fair,
McCain, Romney and Thompson hit back, too.

Rudy-G's offensive is not over. He is now running a video showing Hillary Clinton's positions on the Iraq War:

"Rudy Giuliani is running a great online ad that attacks Hillary Clinton for impugning General Petraeus's honesty and for failing to repudiate MoveOn's characterization of Petraeus as a traitor.

The ad is especially effective because it begins with Clinton's enthusiastic support for the Iraq war..." (Giuliani Blasts Hillary)

In this video, we hear Hillary Clinton's words on the Iraq War. We hear how the "poll-reader Clinton" supported the war and then changed to please the Democrats' left wing primary. It is very effective because it hits Hillary Clinton! (
Giuliani attacks Clinton in first Web ad)

We need a Republican who will go after the Democrats and challenge them. We need a candidate who will call on Dems to stop criticizing and propose an alternative policy. We need a nominee who will demand to hear a solution from the party of poll-readers!

This week, Rudy-G showed me a lot. He will fight!

Rudy-G got more good news:

"A majority of Americans say they would feel more comfortable with Rudy Giuliani in the White House than Hillary Clinton if another terrorist attack were to happen in the United States." (
FOX News Poll)

Hillary Clinton's image as a poll reader comes across in this poll, too:

"A 55 percent majority of voters overall and a 47 percent plurality of Democrats thinks Clinton would "do anything to win."

Rasmussen makes a similar point:

"Hillary Clinton is viewed favorably by 49%, unfavorably by 50%. Those numbers have moved little throughout the year."

Overall, a good week for Rudy-G and a bad one for the angry left!




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