Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

Memorial Day is about the soldiers, the ones who were lost in battle.

It was started to honor the dead of The Civil War. (

Today, we honor the young men who are fighting the War on Terror.

They are the best of heroes. Let's remember their sacrifice.

Christopher Hitchens has a great piece in The Wall Street Journal about the young men in Iraq:

"This Memorial Day, one might think particularly of those of our fallen who also guarded polling-places, opened schools and clinics, and excavated mass graves. They represent the highest form of the citizen, and every man and woman among them was a volunteer. This plain statement requires no further rhetoric." (

Check out "America at war on Memorial Day"
By James M. Dubik (

Enjoy your burgers and ball games today. Take a minute to remember the reason they call it "Memorial Day".

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kyle Drabek, future Major League pitcher!

Friday night, our beloved Trojans were eliminated from the state baseball playoffs by The Woodlands. (

Coach Blair and the Trojans had another good baseball season. They won the district again and several players will be continuing their baseball careers in college.

Preston Clairborne is going to Tulane. Donald Williams will play in OK-State.

The big story was Kyle Drabek.

Kyle was a toddler when his dad pitched with the Pirates in the early 90s.

Doug Drabek was one of the best right-handers in baseball. He played for the Pirates, a team that lost the NLCS to the Reds ('90) and Braves twice ('91 and '92).

Check out Drabek's MLB player page:

Many say that Drabek's Pirates were one of the best teams never to make it to the World Series. I agree. Drabek's team included Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla and manager Jim Leyland. They lost two great 7-game series to the Braves. In '92, they lost in the bottom of the 9th.

Young Kyle inherited his dad's pitching skills. He is going to have a great professional career.

Remember the name. Kyle Drabek. He will soon be wearing a major league uniform and striking out lots of hitters.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Let's check the baseball standings

There are three traditional landmarks in the baseball schedule: Memorial Day, the All Star Break and Labor Day.

As of this weekend, the Tigers are the big shock in the AL Central. Will they keep it up? I don't think so. I think that the White Sox will eventually catch Detroit and don't overlook Minnesota.

The Rangers have a 3 game lead in the AL West. Every team is playing poorly, specially the Angels. I won't rule out LA yet but they need to start winning soon. The edge is to Texas because the young Rangers have talent and Buck Showalter is an excellent manager.

In the AL East, I'm expecting Toronto to catch on fire. I think that the young Blue Jays will outplay the veteran Yankees down the stretch. Boston will hang around but this is not their year.

Over in the NL, I am not surprised that the Mets are playing well. Where are the Braves? What's happened to Bobby Cox's team? The Braves have won 15 division titles in a row. I won't bet against them yet. Let's see where the Braves are on Labor Day.

St. Louis is running away with the NL Central. No surprise here. Will the Brewers get going and challenge for the wild card? I think so.

The NL West is still up in the air. Didn't Arizona lose 100 games in '04? Are these guys in first place?

Bud Selig has a few challenges on his desk.

First, how is baseball going to deal with franchises like Tampa Bay, Florida, Pittsburgh and KC,

Second, what about the upcoming labor contract? Will baseball cut back a couple of teams? Will the Marlins move to San Antonio? Can we finally see a salary cap?

Baseball has problems. Every sport does. Overall, the '06 season is off to a very good start.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Clinton will say anything but I expect better from Reuters

Pres. Clinton spoke to Univ. of Texas graduates this weekend. He said this:

"I think we should be in the Kyoto climate change system," Clinton said. "We can't solve global warming or any other problem in the world you can mention that amounts to a hill of beans by ourselves." (

Pat Jackson, the Reuters correspondent, then writes this:

"During Clinton's administration, the global Kyoto Protocol to curb the release of greenhouse gases was created but the Bush administration has rejected it on grounds it will hurt the U.S. economy."

Pat Jackson needs to check facts. It was the Clinton administration who sat on Kyoto Treaty in the late 90s. Clinton did not bring the treaty to the US Senate for ratification.

Why? Because he could not get enough Senators to support him.

Clinton has been running around the world promoting himself and Kyoto. Yet, he did nothing about it when he had a chance.

I expect Bill Clinton to say anything. I expect something better from Pat Jackson and Reuters.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hayden up, USA Today down

On Thursday, Gen. Hayed went before the Senate for confirmation hearings. He was outstanding. His best line was that there is too much partisanship around intelligence.

Over the years, the CIA has messed up a few things. Unfortunately, we never hear about the things it got right.

Also, there are too many liberals in the CIA who want to undo elections. They don't like that Republicans have won 7 of 10 elections.

I hope that Hayed cleans up the leaking and restores a little order to a very disorderly place.

We need a viable CIA. We needs lots of intelligence about our enemies.

On another front, the NSA story is dead. The public is not buying it.

Today, we learned that the journalist behind the story is a partisan Democrat. Worse than that, we learned that the telephone companies are calling for retractions.

Where do we go from here? Hayden will be confirmed soon and USA TODAY may have a little explaining to do!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pres. Bush, the tax cutter

Low taxes is the best medicine for economic growth. They invite investors, employers and producers.

On Wednesday, Pres. Bush signed "....legislation to extend investor-oriented tax cuts and shield middle-class taxpayers from the alternative minimum tax..."(

The current Bush tax cuts are the third experiment in cutting taxes.

Pres. Kennedy cut taxes in the 1960s. Pres. Reagan cut taxes in the 1980s. And now Pres. Bush.

Every tax cut was followed by a healthy expansion. They create jobs and tax receipts go up.

Of course, the Democrats play the "envy" card and say that Bush is helping the rich. This is not true.

The Wall Street Journal put this nonsense to rest:

"As for whether the tax cuts favor "the rich," this deserves longer treatment on another day. For now, suffice it to say that one reason tax revenues are rushing into the Treasury at a record pace is because the rich are paying them. The tax payments of the wealthiest 3% of Americans increased at twice the rate of the tax payments by everyone else from 2001-2004. And those richest 3% now pay nearly as much income taxes as the other 97% combined. While the incomes of the rich have risen, the lower 2003 tax rates are still soaking them for the government's benefit."

Well done Pres. Bush!

Cuba on a Human Rights Commission?

Why do we waste our time with the UN? Check it out. This is not fiction like The DaVinci Code.

"Cuba wins seat on U.N. Human Rights Council By PABLO BACHELET"

They say that this is a procedural step. In other words, it's Cuba's turn to serve on the council.

This is a travesty. Cuba is one of the world's worst violators of human rights.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Let's cheer for the black GOP

As Governor of Texas, George W. Bush did very well with Hispanics and better than expected with blacks. Bush was seen by most people as a good man with a Christian heart. It played well in the religious Hispanic and black communities.

Katrina hurt Bush. Katrina was used by black demagogues and media to suggest that Pres. Bush and Republicans left blacks behind. Of course, New Orleans has a black mayor and a majority black City Council. Why don't they get a share of the blame?

Looking ahead, there are three very exciting black Republican candidates. I wish them well and I hope that everyone sends their contribution and does whatever they can. Check out these websites:

Michael Steele in Maryland
Lynn Swann in Pennsylvannia
Ken Blackwell in Ohio




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