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We remember Pres Reagan

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Pres Reagan passed away on this day in 2004. 

We knew that he was very sick and prepared for his death. 

Nevertheless, it was still very painful to hear of Pres. Reagan's death.

He was a great president. He was also a very funny man.

We remember his secret weapon, his sense of humor:

D-Day 1944 and the many young men who died today!

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It was June 6 1944 and many years ago.  

My father once told me that he heard the radio bulletins that the allies had landed at Normandy. 

The US, UK , Canadian, and others, landed at different beach posts to start the liberation of France and subsequently Europe.

I just heard that 6,000 US soldiers die that day. 

My guess is that losses were heavy among UK and Canadian troops too.

Eventually, France was liberated and the allies knocked out Hitler's army a year later.

Most of these young men were in the 18-23 age range. They certainly behaved like men that day.

We remember the bravery of D-Day veterans:

We remember Pres. Reagan!

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Pres. Reagan died on this day in 2004.

We remember Reagan often and love this book:

D-Day 1944 and remembering World War II veterans

We remember another anniversary of D-Day.  It was years ago that Allied troops hit the French beaches on their way to the liberation of Europe.

WW2 veterans are our fathers and grandfathers.  They were the men who fought the war and then came home to raise families and build the American economy.  They are often called "the greatest generation".

We can't stop the clock.  Time goes on.  600 veterans die each day.  We won't have them around much longer to share their stories and recollections of the war.  

At the same time, we can remind our children that their grandfathers were very special people who were willing to die for their country:

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President Reagan 1911-2004

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We take a minute to remember that President Reagan died on this day in 2004:




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